College or University Physics Lectures and Labs

Online_Physics_kits.jpgMayville State University offers high quality, affordable college and university physics lecture and lab courses completely online. You may enroll as a non-degree seeking student and transfer these courses to another college or university, or you may enroll collaboratively as a student in the North Dakota University System.  Please contact the Office of Extended Learning with any questions you may have on applying and enrolling in any of these courses. For further information on applying as a Non-degree seeking student, please see the instructions here.

Office of Extended Learning phone (701) 788-4667.

Online_Physics_collecting_data.jpgThe advantages of taking online physics courses at Mayville State University:

  • Take your exams online with ProctorU (webcam and microphone required);
  • Our online lab courses use a hands-on interfaced probeware, simulations, and data analysis tools;
  • The lab kit is available from the Mayville State University Bookstore, and when returned complete and in good condition, is very affordable for the high quality materials provided; 
  • Lab courses are offered one time each fall and spring semester (16 weeks each class); and
  • All online lecture and lab Physics courses are available each fall and spring term (16 weeks) and during the summer term (8 weeks). 
  • Special Note on physics lab sections:  Lab equipment needs to be purchased from the MSU Bookstore, before the session begins.  
    For this online lab you need to purchase lab kit from the MSU bookstore (about $600). If the kit is sent back to the bookstore in good condition at the end of the term, the bookstore will buy the kit back for about $340. The original cost of the kit is the replacement cost if a kit is not sent back. You will not be able to find the kit elsewhere and the Physics I kit and Physics II kits are different so one kit will not allow you to do all the labs in both courses.

College Physics Syllabi

PHYS 211 College Physics I

PHYS 211L College Physics I Lab

PHYS 212 College Physics II

PHYS 212L College Physics II Lab

Students should have completed Math 103 College Algebra and Math 105 Trigonometry before enrolling in PHYS 211. Students should have already completed PHYS 211 before enrolling in PHYS 212. 

If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Tom Gonnella.

University Physics Syllabi

PHYS 251 University Physics I

PHYS 251L University Physics I Lab

PHYS 252 University Physics II

PHYS 252L University Physics II Lab

Students should have completed Math 165 Calculus I or higher before enrolling in PHYS 251 or 252.   

Online_Physics_pre_lab_lectures.jpgIf you have further questions, please contact Dr. Tom Gonnella.


Mayville State online and distance courses cost $314.65 (2020-2021) per semester credit for tuition and fees, regardless of a student's state of residency. (Tuition is subject to change without notice.) Books and materials are additional.  Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Follow these instructions for applying and registering as a non-degree seeking student at Mayville State University

Please contact Dr. Tom Gonnella with questions regarding these courses.