MSU: Where ALL students can succeed.

Guiding Principles

Mayville State University instructors allow modifications to coursework and testing procedures that give students with disabilities an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge. They do not, however, excuse poor attendance, lack of preparation or sub-standard performance. Instructors also do not allow modifications that would fundamentally alter the nature of an academic program or constitute an undue financial or administrative burden on the university.

You are in charge of your learning at Mayville State University. To assist you in meeting the academic requirements of a degree program, we tailor services to address your specific needs. These accommodations are intended to provide you the same opportunity for success and achievement as your peers – a chance to be judged on the basis of your abilities and accomplishments, rather than on your disabilities.

Types of Accommodations

  • Extended testing time
  • Testing in a quiet room
  • Test Reader
  • Note taker
  • Scribe
  • LiveScribe pen

Eligibility for Services

Written professional documentation, not an IEP, substantiating your disability is required to access specialized services. This information is used to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in the North Dakota University System.