What is an emergency?

An emergency is any immediate threat to life and/or property that requires immediate response from police, fire or ambulance personnel. Your judgment often determines whether an incident is an emergency. If you consider a situation to be an emergency, then it is an emergency and the procedures listed on the left side of this page should be followed. If in doubt, err on the side of safety!

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For immediate assistance at ALL times - dial 911

Stay on the line with the dispatcher. Provide the address, location and a description of the emergency. Provide the phone number at your location. Provide a thorough description of the incident to ensure the appropriate resources are dispatched. (When calling from an on campus phone, you can dial 911 or 9-911.)

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Mayville State Emergency Phone Numbers

During business hours report your emergency to the Mayville State Emergency Notification System by contacting one of the following:

    • Office of the President   -  701-788-4754
    • Amber Hill   -  701-788-4761 
    • Physical Plant Office   -  701-788-4676 or 701-788-4640
    • Facilities Services Office   -  701-788-4872 or 701-788-4640
    • Central Heating Plant (24-hr. during heating season)   -  701-788-4789

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Medical Emergencies

Mayville State University works in cooperation with the Traill County Sheriff’s Department on law enforcement issues and the West Traill Ambulance Service and Sanford Medical Center on medical issues.

  • Emergency  -  911
  • Mayville State Security Department / Safety escort - 701-430-0000
  • Sanford Medical Center and Emergency Center  -  701-788-3800
  • Sanford Mayville Clinic  -  701-788-4500
  • Traill County (Mayville) Sheriff's Department (non-emergency)  -  701-636-4510
  • Poison Information Center  -  1-800-222-1222
  • Suicide HOTLINE  -  1-800-273-8255
  • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo HOTLINE  -  1-800-344-7273

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Pertinent emergency-related information

Click the links below to access more detailed information related to emergencies.

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Emergency Notification System

The emergency notification system (AssuranceNM) will be used for emergencies that pose an urgent or immediate threat to health or safety, or if a situation significantly disrupts campus activities, such as a weather-related closing.

Click here for detailed information for faculty, staff, and students.