Mayville State University's Accreditations

Mayville State University is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission Open Pathways ten-year cycle.

Higher Learning Commission
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Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Accreditation

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation
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RN to BSN Nursing Program

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Mayville State University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Institutional Academic and Co-Curricular Assessment

Improving student learning is the primary purpose of institutional academic and co-curricular assessment. The assessment process also ensures that learning outcomes are consistent with the university's mission and goals. The process allows comparisons of desired learning outcomes to actual learning. This information is the basis for programmatic changes and ultimately to improvements in teaching and learning. Mayville State University assesses student learning in three distinct yet interrelated areas: through essential studies, academic programs, and co-curricular activities.

Essential Studies Assessment

Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) apply to students in all courses offered for Essential Studies and are consistent with those identified through the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Liberal Education - America's Promise (LEAP) initiative. Mayville State assesses ELOs in a two-year cycle which is supported through the Essential Studies Committee. Mayville State ELOs are identified here:

  • ELO #1 - Students will demonstrate knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world through study in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, humanities, histories, languages and the arts. This is focused by engagement with big questions, both contemporary and enduring.
  • ELO #2 - Students will demonstrate intellectual and practical skills, practiced extensively across the curriculum, in the context of progressively more challenging problems, projects and standards for performance. Special areas of focus for this outcome are inquiry and analysis, critical thinking, creative thinking, written communication, oral communication, quantitative literacy, information literacy and teamwork.
  • ELO #3 - Students will demonstrate personal and social responsibility, anchored through active involvement with diverse communities and real-world challenges. Areas of focus for ELO #3 include civic engagement, ethical reasoning, global learning, intercultural knowledge and competence, and lifelong learning.
  • ELO #4 - Students will demonstrate Integrative and Applied Learning, including synthesis and advanced accomplishment across general and specialized studies. This is demonstrated through the application of knowledge, skills and responsibilities to new settings and complex problems.

Academic Programs Assessment

Mayville State assesses academic programs by establishing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) that align coursework to the goals of each program. SLOs are assessed in a six-year cycle which is supported through Academic Assessment Coordinators assigned from each academic division. Academic programs assessment works to

  • Formulate institutional mission and goals.
  • Identify desired Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).
  • Measure students' achievements of those outcomes.
  • Analyze the results of the learning measurements.
  • Use those results as the basis for enhancing the curriculum and the teaching-learning process.

Mayville State University Student Learning Outcomes (PDF version) for all programs are available for review.

Co-curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular assessment focuses on Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) through survey delivery, organizational leader reflection and continuous improvement efforts. Student Organization leaders developed specific ELO-aligned survey questions for their student members to improve student learning while engaged in enhancing activities. Co-curricular assessment aligns Mayville State ELOs with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) domains.

Mayville State University co-curricular assessment includes (but is not limited to) the following student group entities: athletics, music, theatre, clubs, and organizations. Co-curricular assessment is completed in a two-year cycle and is supported through Co-curricular Assessment Coordinators.

Mayville State Assessment Guidebook

For up-to-date information on the MSU Assessment Plan, please download the Assessment Guidebook.