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The MSU Foundation uses the "TouchNet" service to ensure encrypted, secure donations. You can feel safe using your credit card to make a gift online to one or more of the areas listed below.

For more information, contact the MSU Foundation at 701-788-4687 or


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If you prefer not to use a credit card and would like the option of a quick and easy automatic contribution from your checking or savings account, please download and print our ACH form. Simply fill out the form, sign it and send it to the MSU Foundation, 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, N.D. 58257.

As the Mayville State University Foundation embarks on a new Military Honor Garden project, we invite you to honor a veteran in a very unique way! Let's remember the efforts of our proud and strong veterans for they bravely fought to achieve our country's liberty and freedom. The MSU Foundation is currently raising funds for a new memorial garden which will be located on the south side of the Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center. this monument will feature a life-sized bronze eagle in flight sculpture, flags, night lighting, and memorial gardens surrounded by sidewalks. All five branches of the military will be represented on granite plaques. There are several opportunities to pay tribute to a special veteran with your gift.

Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour online fundraiser for non-profit charities in western Minnesota and North Dakota. This event is sponsored by the Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) and Impact Foundation. It will take place on February 13, 2014. Donations must be made online on this day only.

Every dollar given to the annual fund drive helps the MSU Foundation to exist and complete its work. Every dollar creates five new dollars of charitable support! After operation costs, the remainder each year goes to wherever the needs are the greatest. It is simplest to say, without an annual fund drive there would not be an MSU Foundation. With enrollment increasing every year you can be assured your gift is helping to fuel the growth for the future. This year's Annual Fund Drive goal is to raise $70,000. That goal in turn helps us reach our annual overall goal which this year is $750,000. Not a bad return on your investment, eh? We thank you for considering a gift to the fund drive that drives it all.

Making a gift to our annual scholarship drive is making a dream come true. To the student who receives your financial help through an academic scholarship, a new path to success is laid. And at the same time Mayville State University becomes financially stronger and better able to sustain our growing success as one of the most unique small universities in the nation. A special place where the focus is on the individual students and their needs. Your gift makes that happen. All gifts received from July 1st of each year through February 28th are put toward the scholarship needs of the coming school year. Gifts received after February 28th are put in reserve for the following school year's scholarship fund. Thank you for making the future brighter for a student!

Operating under the umbrella of the MSU Foundation, the Comet Athletic Club is the fundraising body for Mayville State University Athletics. The mission is to provide athletic scholarships for students, with a goal of providing $97,500 per year. When athletic participation is high, enrollment is higher and MSU is stronger financially. Athletics has led the way in our recent record enrollment.

The Minor in Music is back and it is an excellent addition to many a student's educational experience. For education majors it can help increase employment opportunities and for all other student's it can provide a rich cultural enhancement to their learning if they sing in a choir or play in a band. Music is the universal language and an important option for a well-rounded education. Your gift to Music Maker's allows each student in band or choir to receive a scholarship of $250 to help with their tuition. Your annual Music Maker's gift makes you a member and will provide invitations and frequent updates on music events and happenings with our music program and will be recognized in our annual member honor roll. You can make a gift below via secure credit card.

You can directly provide money for scholarships for students in any of our four sports. Money given to each sport's scholarship fund will provide annual scholarship support for that individual sport to student's participating in that sport. Make a gift to one sport or all four! The more athletes who receive scholarship support, the more we can retain students and build not only great teams but build great students who go out into the world with the great values learned on the team! Thank you for making a gift to directly create an annual athletic scholarship.

In 2012, The Edson and Margaret Larson Foundation made an historic gift to name Northwest Hall and it became the Larson Alumni and Leadership Center. The new Alumni Center will be the home for all MSU Alumni and the MSU Foundation. Special events, leadership lectures, reunions and community gatherings will make this a very special home for MSU Alumni. Renovation will begin in 2013 with hoped for completion by November of 2014 or sooner. Enough funding has been raised to begin the renovation project and there are still needs for the project to make a first class alumni center. You can pick one of the areas of the renovation below to help us with the extra's the building will need.

The MSU Foundation has a memorials and tributes fund set up to receive contributions honoring departed alumni, friends, and loved ones. Gifts may also be given to honor friends and loved ones on special occasions. If contact information is provided a card of acknowledgement will be sent to the family members of the departed.

Support the Comets Men's Basketball program with your pledge for the Three Point Club. Pledge an amount toward every three-pointer the team makes during the 2013-2014 season, or make pledge of a flat dollar amount. All gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Mayville State University employees are encouraged to show their Comet pride while supporting scholarships for dependents and spouses of current MSU faculty and staff. Those who purchase a button will enjoy the perk of wearing jeans on Fridays.

One of the greatest lifetime gifts a person can consider is leaving a bequest in their will or estate plan to benefit MSU. It's also one of the simplest to do. If you have a will, or are in the process of creating a will and you would like more information on how to create a gift for MSU in your will there are two ways we can help.

With an ever changing economy, many seniors are looking for solutions that will increase their retirement income, lower their estate tax, reduce their federal and state income tax and reduce or eliminate capital gains tax, while at the same time accomplishing their estate planning goals. Often a planned gift to MSU can be part of the solution. We can provide you with great ideas and education without obligation. You can then take that information to your professional advisor and set up a functional solution to your estate planning goals.

MSU exists today because of the tireless work of our forefathers and visionary philanthropists who left gifts in their wills, insurance policies, trusts and lifetime income arrangements so that funds for scholarships and special needs would be there when the needs grew. MSU is proud to invite all alumni to be a part of their 1890 Legacy Leadership Circle. Membership is simple. Simply notify the MSU Foundation that you have made plans in your estate for a planned gift in your will or other estate tool sign the 1890 LLC Gift Notification Form. The details of the gift need not be shared unless you desire to do so. Once you have notified the MSU Foundation you will become a member of the 1890 Legacy Leadership Circle which will have its kick-off celebration when the Larson Alumni and Leadership Center is opened in the future. Members will recognized annually in a special honor roll ad with periodic special recognition events. Click here to fill out a notification membership form that will be sent via email to the foundation office.

With over 14,000 alumni linking to our website on a periodic basis and current students, our website is a great place for many kinds of businesses to promote their product or service in a tasteful, professional and high impact way. If you would like to be in front of our affluential and influential alumni and donors.

MSU Today is the twice annual magazine for our alumni and friends. It is read cover to cover and provides the most up to date stories that alumni want to know. If you want to have an exclusive opportunity to place a full page ad on the back cover of or Front/Back inside cover we have those three spots available for corporate sponsors if they want to be in front of 6,000 affluential and influential alumni and friends and with our e-version of MSU today you can be in front of the whole world!

Comet Connections is an exclusive event sponsorship program that allows corporations and businesses the opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor of special traditional events on the campus of Mayville State University. Unlike many sponsor programs that ten or more sponsors we take an approach that gives one sponsor the opportunity to be in front of MSU's affluential and influential alumni and friends. Build a relationship with our alums who love us and they will hold you in very high regard and seek you out when they have a need for your product or service. Many of our exclusive event sponsorships may have a waiting list but you can always check to see what is available bye-mailing for a special Comet Connections Opportunity Guide. We will tailor the guide based on your need and budget.