On behalf of every student who's here because of you, thank you.

There's nothing quite like seeing a student say yes to college when he or she couldn't have considered it otherwise. No matter what size your gift, you help make that happen, and we are all better for it. Thank you to our many alumni and friends who have made contributions to Mayville State in the areas listed below.

Honor Society

The MSU Foundation Honor Society recognized Mayville State University supporters whose cumulative lifetime donations to Mayville State total $10,000 or more. Donors are recognized for their financial contributions to all projects at Mayville State.

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Comet Athletic Club

Members of the Comet Athletic Club support scholarships for Mayville State University's student athletes through their membership dollars.

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Dream Makers

Dream Makers are investing in young people through their gifts to the MSU Foundation's annual scholarship drive. The need has never been more critical. In the midst of setting enrollment records, MSU endeavors to keep up with the growh and strengthen the university, and financial support is key.

Music Makers

Through their membership dollars, Music Makers provide the benefit of scholarships for students who participate in the music opportunities available at Mayville State while in pursuit of their academic dreams and goals. Music speaks a universal language and provide a legacy that all can enjoy, not only the musician, but his audience as well. Mayville State University offers music participation opportunities in concert choir, swing choir, concert band and stage band for all students.

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Annual Fund

Gifts to the Mayville State University Annual Fund are unrestricted and used where the needs are the greatest. Gifts to the MSU Annual Fund help Mayville State University enjance the live sof students and build alumni relationships.


The MSU Foundation has a memorials and tributes fund set up to receive contributions honoring departed alumni, friends and loved ones. Gifts may also be given to honor a friend or loved one on a special occasion.

Listing of gifts given to Mayville State in memory of friends and loved ones: