Your gift to the academic scholarship drive will help hard-working students like Hannah.

Hannah.jpgI am a junior at Mayville State, pursuing majors in English and business administration. I am also lucky enough to be a student who receives scholarships through the MSU Foundation. Each semester, when I fill out the application, I know that I can count on all the wonderful donors who provide so many different scholarships to students like me. These scholarships not only allow me to continue my studies without the worry of taking out excessive loans, but they allow me to pursue my passions like music. I come from a hardworking family that is currently trying to put two kids through college, so knowing that I have outside help in paying for my education is a relief. Scholarships are a luxury that I am glad Mayville State is able to provide because not having tons of student
debt after I graduate is going to be a blessing. When I graduate, I hope to pursue a job in writing/editing or public relations and marketing, and with the help of Mayville State scholarships provided by generous alumni and friends, I know that this dream is close to becoming a reality.

Hannah Lemer, Drake, N.D.

Gifts to the Academic Scholarship Drive qualify for a 50% match from the North Dakota Higher Education Challenge Grant. Your gift will have an even greater impact!

Great things continue to happen at Mayville State!

We’re already into the home stretch of the 2019-2020 academic year! The fall semester began with great excitement as we surpassed the 1,200-student mark for the first time ever, with an official fall semester count of 1,212 students. This was our eighth-straight year of record fall semester enrollment! Spring semester brought another record with the highest-ever spring enrollment.

We are Comet Proud of our students.

They are always up to something good! The Comets men’s and women’s basketball teams both punched their tickets into their NAIA national tournaments in March. Our Collegiate DECA chapter now has more members than any North Dakota chapter, and 19 of those members qualified to compete in international competition in Atlanta, Ga. in April. Last fall, three Mayville State students presented their scientific research at a symposium held in Grand Forks, N.D. Our music students presented their biennial madrigal feast production in December. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea. After 130 years, Mayville State continues to provide unique and valuable learning experiences for students and the legacy of personal service is at the forefront.

Scholarship assistance truly makes a difference for these students who are becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Will you consider a gift to the scholarship fund today? 

The opportunity to earn scholarships weighs heavily into a student’s decision to attend Mayville State. While our costs are very affordable, a scholarship makes our university even more appealing and may mean the difference in whether a student chooses to attend Mayville State, or whether to attend college at all. The thought of having student loan debt upon graduating and just getting started in a career is daunting. With your financial assistance, you are helping to relieve that stress.

When they graduate, our students will draw from their Mayville State experiences to accomplish great things in their careers and communities.

This means that the good you are doing through your support for Mayville State University and its students is having a ripple effect. You’re giving individuals an opportunity to earn a great education at a place that emphasizes the importance of treating people well, working hard, and staying humble. They carry these qualities with them as they work in their careers and are active in their communities. Supporting Mayville State with your gift to the academic scholarship fund is helping to ensure that “The School of Personal Service” legacy of doing good in the world can continue, and we at Mayville State couldn’t be more grateful.

What does Mayville State mean to you?

Please consider what Mayville State means to you and make a gift to the scholarship fund that will help to ensure that others will benefit in the same way that you have. Your generosity will have a great impact at Mayville State, in a student’s life, and ultimately, in the world.

Checks may be mailed to MSU Foundation, 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, ND  58257.

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