What is the White Hat Club?

The White Hat Club was born out of a project that provided special commemorative helmets for the Comets football players to wear each year on Farmers Bowl, a celebration that honors the agricultural way of life in the Mayville-Portland and Traill County area.

Members of the club made donations of $500 or more to purchase a helmet for a Comets football player and received a commemorative helmet for himself or herself as well. The program was a huge success and the Comets debuted their new helmets at Farmers Bowl 2019.

Keeping the spirit alive!

The White Hat Club members have made a commitment to supporting Comets Football and will be working to raise funds that will help the team to grow and succeed. The purpose of the Comet White Hats is to promote and assist in raising funds and help support Mayville State Comet Football with enhancements to the program.

2021-2022 Membership Drive

The membership drive for 2021-2022 is underway! 

When we played, we had a term we used after a turnover, "Sudden Change!" For the defense, Sudden Change meant we needed to get a stop. For the offense, Sudden Change meant we needed to take advantage of the situation by getting a score. Whether offensively or defensively, a Sudden Change was an opportunity to impact the game in a huge way.

Comet Football is in year two of this Sudden Change. Coach Larson and his staff have started the process of making Comet Football what we all want. Rocky and his staff have produced results: two classes of 50+ recruits, two wins last year with a roster of 70% freshmen, a team GPA that increased from 2.2 to 2.8 cumulative, and a total roster estimated this year at 110+, just to name a few.

As White Hats, we've been a part of this Sudden Change. 2019-2020 brought 49 members and $64,950 to the coffers. 2020-2021 increased to 118 members and $98,610 to aid Comet Football! This support has brought forth the number of recruits above via scholarship and a major weight room upgrade.

Your membership in the White Hat Club will help Coach Larson and Comet Football move us into what can only be a bright future. The membership goal of the White Hat Club is to fill the depth charts with members. If we can fill the roster, we'd top $100,000.

Click here to see the membership chart, and please consider supporting at a level that works best for you.

Would you like to spread out your membership amount over time? For example, it might be easier for you to join the White Hat Club at the $500 level if you could make 10 monthly payments of $50 each. For your convenience, we offer the option of monthly recurring payments when using Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or web check.  Please note that you should enter the monthly donation amount in the gift line. The total gift will be determined when you enter the number of months in which you wish to make payments. Click here to get started. 


Please contact Andrew Workin at 701-788-4687 or andrew.j.workin.2@mayvillestate.edu.