How do online math classes work?

Getting your degree online involves interaction with instructors and classmates online, rather than attending class on-campus. Many classes follow a structured schedule with weekly due dates. Online classes are not self-paced. Students access online classes in Blackboard Learn, Mayville State's course management system. Each course syllabus provides specific due dates to assist you to stay on track.

Content delivery depends on the instructor.  For example, in many of Fred Strand’s courses can expect to complete written assignments and participate in discussion forums held in Blackboard.  This allows you to share questions and interact with your classmates. In Mary Townsend’s courses, students watch PowerPoint presentations and then ask questions and participate in discussion forums while completing assignments, quizzes, and journals.

Have questions on a specific course? Feel free to review the course syllabi or contact the course instructor for further information.


Have you always done well in high school and introductory college math courses? Have you dreamed of attaining your career goals with a major in mathematics but have been unable to leave your work and/or family commitments to attend traditional day classes? If so, then our completely online mathematics program is for you.

The mission of this program is to prepare students to develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics, to reason and communicate through mathematics, to develop a proficiency in problem-solving using a variety of tools and strategies, and to use appropriate technology to enhance their understanding of mathematics.

What makes the Mathematics program different compared to other universities? 

We are your affordable, accessible collegiate option, providing students with opportunities to become outstanding contributors to their communities and professions.  Our program is truly flexible and is offered completely online, allowing you to balance work, family, and coursework demands.  Class sizes are small and our student success services are many—we’re always here to help you achieve your educational goals! 

Is Online Tutoring Available?

Yes, but tutoring is just online support services we offer! We want your experience with online and distance education to be rewarding and enjoyable.  As a Mayville State student, you have convenient access to your professors and support services that provide guidance and help you progress towards your educational goals! 

Will I need a Proctor?  Can the entire program be completed with entirely online proctors (such as ProctorU or YUJA Proctoring?) 

Many online instructors require proctors to ensure academic honesty.  Your instructor will inform you if he or she requires a proctor in the syllabus or Blackboard course information.  Feel free to review the course syllabuses at the bottom of this page. 

Will this program prepare me for graduate school?  Will I have the theoretical background for graduate school? 

Yes. Graduates from MSU’s mathematics program will be prepared for graduate school, as well as career opportunities as accountants, actuaries, economists, tax managers, computer technicians, statisticians, demographers, chief financial officers, and more. 

Does Mayville State offer additional upper-division math courses other than the core requirements?

At this time, we do not offer any other upper-division courses other than the core requirements.

Will my previous credits transfer?

Mayville State University accepts transfer credit from regionally recognized accredited institutions of postsecondary education. All credit hours earned from the institutions that meet this criterion are accepted in transfer towards graduation degree credit hours.

For more information or an unofficial transcript review, please contact Alyson

What are my next steps?

1. The first step in becoming a Mayville State online/distance degree student is applying for admission. Please note, there is a one-time application fee of $35.

2. You must submit official college transcripts from all schools you have attended. Please have your transcripts mailed or electronically sent to: Admissions Office, Mayville State University, 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, ND 58257.  Students who wish to transfer to Mayville State University will not be required to request transcripts from other institutions within the North Dakota University System. 

3. Finally, you will want to apply for financial aid. To apply for federal and state financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list Mayville State University (Title IV school code 002993) as one of your schools of choice. 

How can I reach my instructor for help?

You have personalized access to your instructors. 

“Students can expect me as your instructor, to respond to your correspondence in a timely manner.  Generally, I will respond within hours of receiving your contact, but definitely I will respond within 24 hours…In Blackboard, you can post questions or comments in the general discussion forums, or email me or other students directly through the website. You may also email me at, request a live chat session, or call me at my office/cell phone.”  -Fredrick Strand

“Students can expect a reply to their e-mailed questions within 48 hours.  Any exceptions to this will be posted in Blackboard Announcements…Students may submit questions or concerns by e-mail to the instructor at or schedule a time to meet.”  -Mary Townsend


Don't just take our word for it!

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience at Mayville State University. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program is a well-run program that taught me a lot. The two teachers I dealt with the most were Fredrick Strand and Mary Townsend. Both are the most amazing teachers I have ever studied under because they really care about the students. At some schools, you have professors who are good researchers and academics, but they are terrible teachers. I found that Mayville's professors were knowledgeable and good at what they do, but they also helped students to reach their goals by taking the time to teach and the classes were challenging and fair. The professors were also very accessible and responsive. I gained so much from my experiences, I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about really learning math. If I had to rate it on a 5-point scale, I would give it a 5 out of 5. It was money and time well spent."  Woody Clermont, '20  

"I was very hesitant at taking my first ever online university course, let alone it being calculus, but Professor Strand quickly extinguished any doubt and intimidation that I had. The calculus courses at Mayville State University quickly became my favorite subject to study during my undergraduate studies.

Communication is crucial to anyone’s success and my primary means of communication was through email, since at the time I lived in Europe. Every email exchange reminded me of a one-on-one tutor session which was tailored specifically to my questions. The professor went above and beyond in our email exchanges to ensure I understand the material and was successful. Put in the work, asks questions, and you too will succeed!

I highly recommend online math courses from Mayville to anyone that is unable to attend a brick and mortar classroom or wants the flexibility during their studies."  Greg Bednarczuk, '



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