21-year-old Sarah Glen of Bemidji, MN, is currently enrolled in the Distance Learning program at Mayville State University!  Glen is studying Early Childhood Education and wants to pursue a career as a preschool teacher.  “I chose to be a teacher because I have always loved being around kids,” Glen said.  “The more I looked into it, the more I realized how great it would be to impact early learners by creating a welcoming and supportive classroom for them!”  


“The main reasons I have chosen to complete my degree online are because I can stay in my hometown, it is affordable, and most of the credits I earned in my first two years at a technical college were transferrable.”  She added, “MSU’s online program has allowed me to stay in my hometown while completing my bachelor’s degree.  As an education student, we spend many hours in classroom settings observing, learning, and eventually teaching.  Being able to complete my education online has allowed me to gain experience and connections in the schools that I will someday hopefully teach in.”

“The best part about online learning is the flexibility it gives me with my week,” said Glen.  “Most classes are asynchronous and can be completed on my own time within the due dates.  This allows me to fit in class time around my work schedule and other activities.  It also allows me to pace my studies to my own needs, spending more time on aspects of a class that are more challenging for me and not wasting time on concepts I have already mastered.” 

For individuals who might be considering earning a degree online, Glen shared a few pieces of advice.  “I would recommend at least touring the campus and meeting the teachers in your program if possible.  This is a good way to put a face and personality to a name and get questions answered in person.  Be sure to have a laptop or other internet source with a camera, since some classes require video recording.  Lastly, plan to make your schooling a priority by organizing your time and other obligations so the best you is represented through your online work.”  

“After graduation, I cannot wait to get a teaching job in a preschool classroom in one of the schools I have been gaining experience in. It will be great to finally put everything I have been learning into action!”  

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