“I believe in what MSU has to offer students—a small private-like university with a public price.  We have wonderful faculty and staff to assist students in making those dreams come true.”  Connie Kaldor of Mayville, ND, has been with Mayville State University for over 20 years!

meet-connie.jpgConnie has been an academic advisor for over 7 years.  She primarily works with transfer students, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, University Studies, and the Business degree programs.  When Connie isn’t advising, she is recruiting for Mayville State University.  “I have the privilege of recruiting, so that involves travel and I am so happy to meet new colleagues at the 2-year colleges and the new potential students.  Meeting my advisees face-to-face is a joy—they have a face to tie to MSU while studying online."  

Mayville State University provides many helpful resources to assist online students.  The Office of Extended Learning understands that a majority of the online students are parents and work full-time.  “I believe we give the students great personal service-in my eyes our motto of the ‘School of Personal Service’ lives on even for our online student population.”

For individuals who may be considering pursuing a degree, “make sure you have enough time to devote to your studies; and find the balance of all the other things in your life.  I do have a time management exercise that I share with prospective students and mention to my advisee pool.”

Mayville State University has been recognized as one of the Most Affordable Online Universities in the nation by the Community for Accredited Online Schools and College Atlas.  Offering online degrees in Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics, and Special Education.  Your success is closer than you think at Mayville State University. 

If you would like to discuss your future at Mayville State University, feel free to contact Connie at 701-788-4721 or e-mail her at connie.kaldor@mayvillestate.edu