Dr. Brittany Hagen is honored to be serving on the campus where she was once a student.  Graduating from Mayville State University in 2007, Dr. Hagen’s love for learning continued.  She earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in Teacher Education at UND.

meet-brittany.jpgDr. Hagen has been with MSU for 5 years as an Assistant Professor of Education.  “I have the pleasure of working with freshman in SOS classes, undergraduates majoring in Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Special Education, as well as graduate students who are pursuing a Master of Arts in Teacher through Mayville State.  I advise mostly Elementary Education majors on campus and at a distance.”

Dr. Hagen is exceptionally passionate about working with students!  For those who might be considering pursuing their degree, “Go for it!  I work with many amazing students who balance work, school, families, and life in general.  They are dedicated to their education and have made a great choice in selecting Mayville State University to fulfill their dream!  We are here and happy to serve anyone interested in pursuing their degree, on campus and online.”

Mayville State University is student-focused, providing individualized support that is responsive to the needs of students, and results in their success.  Dr. Hagen, “our commitment to personal service makes Mayville State shine!  Each and every person is dedicated to serving our students, both professionally and personally.  It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of such a kind, caring, and collaborative group of people.”

To students who are about to graduate from Mayville State University, “I hope students learn the importance of being lifelong learners!  They are not done learning when they leave us.  This is just the beginning!  I want them to be dedicated to learning new things throughout their lives and to share that love of learning with others!”

Mayville State University has been recognized as one of the Most Affordable Online Universities in the nation by the Community for Accredited Online Schools and College Atlas.  Offering online degrees, such as Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics, RN to BSN, and Special Education.

Your success is closer than you think at Mayville State University.

If you would like to discuss your future at Mayville State University, feel free to contact Brittany Hagen at 701-788-4828 or e-mail her at brittany.hagen.2@mayvillestate.edu.