meet-jennifer.jpgJennifer Pageler of Warren, MN, is currently enrolled in the Distance Learning program at Mayville State University! 

At 49, Jennifer was both grateful and thrilled to pursue her lifelong dream in studying Elementary Education.  “I have enjoyed teaching throughout my life whether it has been with my own children or other children through my church or community," said Pageler.  "It is something that gives me energy!”

While balancing work and caring for her loved ones, it became obvious that online learning was the ideal fit for Jennifer.  “Jumping back into a degree program later in life, needing to continue working, and caring for my family prevent me from being a traditional student," said Pageler.  "I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue this degree at home and on my own schedule.  I think any type of college experience, in part, is about exploring the outer limits of our strength and endurance.  In the process we get stronger.”

Jennifer is overjoyed to be graduating next December!  She’s excited to land a job near Warren, and begin teaching at her local elementary school.

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