Teri Wright of Hillsboro, ND, has been a member of the academic advising team at Mayville State University for almost 6 years.  Teri earned a Master’s in School Counseling from NDSU and she’s been actively involved in higher education since 2008.

meet-teri.jpgTeri serves undergraduates, both online and on-campus, in a variety of different majors and her entire face lights up when she talks about how fulfilling her career is.  “Helping students move forward toward their goals is so rewarding.  Each student is different, and most are so appreciative of the guidance they receive.  Navigating college can be very confusing, and I enjoy helping students understand how it works in their situation.”

Teri is also very proactive in constantly seeking new counseling techniques to support our advising team at Mayville State University.  She is actively involved in the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).  “I also get to coordinate advising overall for MSU, and I like finding high-quality information that helps advisors and giving it to them in various forms.”

The level of support for online students is essentially the same as those on campus. “Online students have access to the same resources as the on-campus students.  This is so nice to be able to tell students.  I am also always proud to tell students that all degree-seeking students at MSU have an academic advisor.”

For those individuals who may be thinking about pursuing a degree online, Teri had a few suggestions.   “First of all, seek advisement!  We can review their transcripts and give them information specific to their situation.  Be aware that online learning is different from on-campus, and self-discipline is especially very important for online students.  Here at MSU there are many resources available to all students, and we want to set them up for success.”

The online degree programs at MSU are truly unique.  “Students are so glad for the options.  Especially in North Dakota which is very rural, we offer affordable high-quality education to many students who would otherwise not have access because they are place-bound.  Our online advisors are very student-centered.  I believe we go above and beyond for our advisees.”

“Be positive, believe in yourself, and tell yourself affirmations.  Hard work will pay off.”  Mayville State University has been recognized as one of the Most Affordable Online Universities in the nation by the Community for Accredited Online Schools and College Atlas.  Offering online degrees in Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics, and Special Education.  Your success is closer than you think at Mayville State University.

If you would like to discuss your future at Mayville State University, feel free to contact Teri at 701-788-5251 or e-mail her at teri.wright@mayvillestate.edu.