M.Ed. Innovative Teaching Practices Track Plan of Study

(32 SH Credits)

The M.Ed. core will provide foundational study and application of concepts in Topics and Trends in Education, Organizational Leadership, Diversity and Societal Change, Grant Writing, Law and Ethics, and Research Methods (General).  

M.Ed. Innovative Teaching Practices meets the need of developing leadership to design and shape curriculum, professional development, and instructional improvement.  Graduates of this track will be prepared to obtain leadership roles such as Curriculum Coordinator, Instructional Specialist, or the team lead for campus learning communities.  Action research projects, such as STEM activities, coding, blended and hybrid learning, will support development and implementation of innovative and highly needed skills directly impacting the P12 classrooms.  

M.Ed. Graduate Core (16 SH Credits)

EDUC 507      Research Methods (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 501      Topics and Trends in Education (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 506      Educational Law and Ethics (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 508      Organizational Leadership (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 510      Diversity and Societal Change (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 545      Grant Writing (3 SH Credits)

Innovative Teaching Practices Core (16 SH Credits)

EDUC 521      Robotics and Artificial Intelligences in the K-12 Classroom (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 525      Developing Computational Thinking and Coding in K-12 Clsrm (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 502      Introduction to Blended Learning (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 503      Online K-12 Instructional Methodology (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 504      Lrnng Mgmt Systems, Stdnt Info Systems, and Online Curriculum (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 505      Online Teaching Field Study (3 SH Credits)

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Innovative Teaching Practices Track Course Descriptions

(Total 32 SH credits, including the M.Ed. Graduate Core)

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Please contact the Division of Education for further information or to ask program admission questions: education@mayvillestate.edu, 701-788-4710.