Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC)

The purpose of the Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC) for Mayville State University educator preparation programs is to help the MSU Division of Education ensure collaboration with P-12 partners in program design and delivery, and evaluation of the unit and programs. The TEAC will assist the Division to co‐construct mutually beneficial P‐12 school and community arrangements, including technology‐based collaborations for clinical preparation and shared responsibility for continuous improvement of candidate preparation. The Committee will collaborate with the Division in establishing mutually agreeable expectations for candidate entry, preparation, and exit; ensuring that theory and practice are linked; maintaining coherence across clinical and academic components of preparation; and sharing accountability for candidate outcomes.

This Committee shall function as an advising body for teacher education policies and programs at Mayville State University by:

  1. Safeguarding the institutional philosophy for teacher education in concert with current national and state standards and practices.
  2. Monitoring teacher education policies and program practices for conformity to institutional philosophy, state and national standards, and responsiveness to educational needs.
  3. Identifying and encouraging use of the most effective approaches to teacher education.


The TEAC is made up following representatives:


Teacher Education Advisory Committee Representative


Email Address

Jon Strandell

High School Principal

Grand Forks Central


Cassie Brown

Billie Jo Soholt

Elementary Principal

Thompson Public Schools

PBJ Elementary



Dr. Jill Louters


New Rockford-Sheyenne


Christopher Strand

High School Teacher

Hatton Eielson School


Allison Johnson

Middle School Teacher

MPCG Middle School


Kiana Monson

Elementary Teacher

Northwood Public School


Krista Hogfoss

Early Childhood Teacher

PBJ Elementary


Alesha Gierszewski

Special Education Teacher

PBJ Elementary


Wendy Hanson

School board member from a regional district

MPCG School Board


Schela Gander

Retired teacher or Community member

Retired 2nd grade teacher PBJ Elementary School


Riley Wass

Hanna Millar

Eva Vangsness

Nicole Kortan

SEA Members

Mayville State University





Dr. Brittany Hagen

Teacher Education Committee

Mayville State University


Dr. Pam Johnson

Dean and Chair

Mayville State University


  • Secondary school (7-12) principal (1)
  • Elementary school Principal (1)
  • Superintendent (1)
  • Currently practicing early childhood teacher (1)
  • Currently practicing elementary teacher (1)
  • Currently practicing middle-level teacher (1)
  • Currently practicing secondary teacher (1)
  • Currently practicing special education teacher (1)
  • Student Education Association (SEA) President & Vice President (or SEA members designated to attend in their absence) (2)
  • School board member from a regional district (1)
  • Retired teacher or Community member (1)
  • Current member of the Teacher Education Committee (1)

Individuals serve for two academic years on the Committee by invitation of the Dean and Chair of the Division of Education or his/her appointee and be eligible to serve for an additional term.


Regular Meetings: The regular meetings of the TEAC shall be held a minimum of twice per year during the academic year of the MSU calendar. Specific times and locations of regular meetings shall be communicated in writing to all members prior to each meeting.

Special Meetings: A special meeting of the TEAC may be called at a designated time by the convener. The specific times and locations of special meetings shall be communicated in writing at least five school days prior to the special meeting.

All business of the TEAC during both regular and special meetings is open to the MSU community and shall be conducted in accordance with the following operating procedures:

  1. A quorum for conducting business shall consist of a simple majority of the members of the TEAC.
  2. The meeting shall follow a written agenda provided to each member in advance of the meeting. Additional agenda items shall be accepted at the opening of the meeting with approval of the TEAC members.
  3. The latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall be the governing rules of the TEAC, except where those rules are altered by this Constitution or by-laws.
  4. The convener of this Committee shall be the Dean and Chair of the Division of Education at MSU or his/her appointee. The members of the TEAC shall designate a committee member as acting convener in case of the absence of the convener. The convener is responsible for all communication and distribution functions of the TEAC. The convener shall be responsible for initiating the transaction of all business pertaining to the TEAC and the distribution of information about all aspects of teacher education.
  5. The convener may designate a parliamentarian of his/her choice to advise the convener on the points of order during the meetings.
  6. Minutes of all TEAC meetings shall be kept by the convener and sent in writing to all members within ten school days following the meeting.

Ad hoc committees shall be created by action of the TEAC as specific needs and issues arise. The committees shall be comprised of members of the TEAC with respect to representation to the group which is affected by the issue and a representative from the Educator Preparation Program at the University.