M.Ed. Adult Teaching and Learning Track Plan of Study

(32 SH Credits)

The M.Ed. core will provide foundational study and application of concepts in Topics and Trends in Education, Organizational Leadership, Diversity and Societal Change, Grant Writing, Law and Ethics, and Research Methods (General).  

M.Ed. Adult Teaching and Learning track meets the need of the recognition that teachers continue to learn after they are licensed. Schools have continual professional development and graduates of this track will be ready to design and lead professional development which varies with many types and styles for adults of all ages and occupations. Graduates of this track will be prepared to obtain leadership roles such as Professional Development Coordinator, leadership roles in institutions which support public schools, or work in higher education. 

M.Ed. Graduate Core (16 SH Credits)

EDUC 507      Research Methods (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 501      Topics and Trends in Education (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 506      Educational Law and Ethics (2 SH Credits)
EDUC 508      Organizational Leadership (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 510      Diversity and Societal Change (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 545      Grant Writing (3 SH Credits)

Adult Teaching and Learning Core (16 SH Credits)

EDUC 512     Adult Learning Theory (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 513     Active Adult Learning Strategies (4 SH Credits)
EDUC 520     Program Development (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 515     Program Evaluation (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 569     Action Research (3 SH Credits)

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Adult Teaching and Learning Track Course Descriptions

(Total 32 SH credits, including the M.Ed. Graduate Core)

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Please contact the Division of Education for further information or to ask program admission questions: education@mayvillestate.edu, 701-788-4710.