Program Description

In today's global world, it is important for students to develop the abilities to deal with a wide variety of individuals. Mayville State University's Communication program offers you this opportunity. The breadth of knowledge and experience in diverse fields of Mayville State's Communication faculty will provide you with an extensive range of proficiencies. Through practicum courses and/or internships you will have the opportunity for hands-on development in several areas.

Mayville State University's Communication program prepares students for careers, life-long learning, citizenship, cultural enhancement, and problem-solving. Core Communication requirements provide a comprehensive overview of basic materials and a commitment to innovative technology-enriched education and learning relationships with the community, employers, and society.


Mastery - Mayville State's instructors in Communication are competent and efficient. You can be confident that you are receiving high-quality instruction. The Communication degree emphasizes a wide variety of competencies that provide you with a wide range of job opportunities.

Faculty-to-student ratio - Small class sizes provide the attention students deserve and the education for which they are paying. Students will have ample opportunities to voice thoughts and opinions in class, as well as build positive relationships with instructors and experience practical application through radio, theater journalism, internships, and many more.

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Life-long learning - High expectations and demands are placed on Mayville State's Communication students, allowing them to reap great rewards following graduation. Students will also develop in-depth, thorough knowledge of the liberal arts.

Communication Majors

Communication Minors