Program Description

video_graphic.jpgThis program is designed for students planning graduate studies in the academic area or as a pre-professional background for areas such as medicine, pharmacy, chiropractic, etc. The student must complete the general education core and the biology core listed below. The MSU Bachelor of Science degree requires completion of at least a minor program in a supporting area in conjunction with the major.

"What’s important for my students is the opportunity to advance their careers through research opportunities at MSU they might not get or have access to at other institutions. They can present their work at local, regional, and international levels. Imagine that scope as they transition from college into their careers. It could be life-changing."

- Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Joseph Mehus


The program educates students in the areas of biological science data generation, analysis, and interpretation. A student who is capable of critically evaluating information will be successful in graduate school and any career.

Biology Majors

Biology Minors