Music Minors

They say music is a universal language. Let’s chat.

video_graphic.jpgMayville State University offers music participation opportunities in concert choir, concert band, and jazz band. The groups perform concerts each year, including the annual Homecoming concert, a Christmas concert, a mid-winter pops concert, and a spring concert. A madrigal feast is presented every other year in December. 

Scholarships for Music Participants
All students who participate in concert band or choir earn scholarships. Scholarships range from $200 to $400 each and are determined by one’s grade point average. Students who participate in both band and choir receive two scholarships.

DSC_8161a.jpgFrequently Asked Questions

Do I need to audition for concert band or choir?
No. Students need only register for the class.

Do I need to audition for a scholarship?
No. Students who register for the class will receive a scholarship, based on their grade point average.

Are private music lessons available?

Does Mayville State have the larger band instruments available?
Yes. We have many of the larger instruments available for students to use.

When do the band and choir rehearse?
Concert Choir rehearses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:00 noon until 12:50 p.m. Concert Band rehearses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00 to 3:50 p.m.

DSC_8043a.jpgMusic Education Minor
Mayville State was granted permission to offer a minor in music education beginning in the fall of 2011. Students earning the minor will be certified to teach music in grades K-8 in North Dakota. The minor pairs nicely with majors in elementary education and early childhood education and has been developed to meet the need for qualified music teachers in area school districts.

While the music education minor has been designed to complement any education major in early childhood through elementary levels, it would also work well with majors in several academic disciplines  at Mayville State, including business administration, fitness and wellness, and communication. A major strength of the music education minor is its flexibility. Because it is a composite minor, students have the ability to choose an emphasis in vocal or instrumental music, or even both. Transfer students may have previous classes in the music areas accepted toward the minor at Mayville State.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Byron Ward                                                  
Office: 701-788-4742


Music Curriculum
The purpose of the music curriculum is to provide opportunities for enjoyable musical experiences, both vocally and instrumentally. These opportunities are made available through varied repertoire and style of music for the vocalist, ranging from classical (Renaissance, Baroque, etc.) through 20th and 21st century music to concert band, stage band, or solos/ensembles for the instrumentalist.

Private lessons offer opportunities to students in applied music in a variety of performance areas. Lessons are offered on demand.

Concert Choir is designed to offer vocal experiences to those interested in performing a wide variety of choral music.

Jazz Ensemble is designed to offer instrumental experiences through performing a variety of instrumental music.

Concert Band is designed to offer a wide range of instrumental experiences to those interested in performing a variety of instrumental music at concerts and other events.