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The Division of Liberal Arts supports the university's mission through the Geography program. Geography is the study of the character and importance of places. It examines how places are different, how they interact, and how they are integrating in today's shrinking world. The physical environment is studied as the base for understanding the human world and its behavior patterns. It draws from many disciplines including anthropology, political science, history, sociology, economics, geology, meteorology, and soil science in producing a synthesized picture of the world.

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  • Environmental Geography
  • Cultural & Human Geography
  • Physical Geography

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Thomas Craig Drone.jpgAgribusiness program receives North Dakota Grain Dealers Educational Foundation grant

October 26, 2021

The Mayville State University Agribusiness program has received a North Dakota Grain Dealers Educational Foundation Instructional Aid Grant. The $988 award has been used to purchase a DJI Mavic Air 2 (Fly More Combo) drone. The drone will be used for agribusinesses courses and research by faculty and students in the agribusiness program.

The Mayville State agribusiness program officially got underway last spring. Looking for financial assistance to help jumpstart some of the initiatives Mayville State agribusiness leaders wanted to follow, Dr. Thomas Craig, Assistant Professor of Geography and Co-Coordinator of Agribusiness, did the research to find a local avenue for scholarships and grants. Dr. Craig was particularly interested in finding assistance in his area of geospatial technology.

He found that the North Dakota Grain Dealers Association (NDGDA) based out of Fargo supplies a number of $1,000 scholarships and small grants to agricultural programs at North Dakota universities and colleges. Dr. Craig contacted the NDGDA to find out if Mayville State’s new agribusiness program could be added to their list of eligible schools. Their board approved Mayville State’s participation last spring.

After this approval, Dr. Craig was able to apply for the grant which was subsequently awarded to Mayville State by the NDGDA board. Receiving the board’s approval for Mayville State participation in the NDGDA program also provides a great opportunity for future MSU agribusiness students to apply for and receive scholarships provided annually by the NDGA.

“I commend Dr. Thomas Craig for the entrepreneurial spirit and effort that he put into securing this grant,” said Mayville State University President Dr. Brian Van Horn. “We are excited for what the future holds for our new agribusiness program, and Dr. Craig is helping to make that future bright not only for the university as a whole, but also for the individual students who will benefit from this new degree opportunity at Mayville State University.”

To learn more about the agribusiness program at Mayville State University, call 701-788-4842, email, or go to