Here's why Mayville State is right for Felicia!


Why did you choose to attend Mayville State University?
I chose Mayville State because of the small town, home-like atmosphere. I love the one-on-one attention I am able to get from professors. I am able to get a good education at an inexpensive price, to learn and grow independently.

What do you like best about the major you’re pursuing?
I like that I am able to work with people of all ages. I get to see people and help them face their problems.

What do you like best about Mayville State in general?
MSU is my family. I love how the term “Comet Family” is exactly that and not underestimated. Here, we are one big happy family.

Do you participate in any activities related to your major/minor? Internships? Work Study? Other?
As a paid internship I was able to attend Camp Dogwood in Madison, Virginia, where I was a camp counselor for underprivileged kids. It was a great experience.

Have you had any unique opportunities, in or out of the classroom, while you’ve been enrolled at Mayville State?
I have had the opportunity to give back to the community, and to me that’s the best thing you can do for a town that gives so much support, not only to you as a student, but the entire school in general.

What MSU clubs, organizations, or athletic activities to you participate in?
Here at MSU, I am a softball player. I am also an RA for Agassiz. I am apart of SAC (Student Activities Council). I also work part-time as part of the Janitorial staff.

How have these activities enhanced your college experience?
They have opened new doors to new friendships. It shows me how strong a person I am, that I am important, and that I can make a difference. I’ve learned new trades and I’ve developed as a person. The best is having a voice and being able to help make others’ college experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

What has been your greatest moment as a Mayville State student?
My greatest moment has been coming to MSU and meeting the love of my life. I never thought it was possible to meet the greatest person in the smallest of towns.

What does personal service mean to you?
The personal service here at MSU has done a lot for me. The administrators want you to succeed and are willing to help all of the time. It makes me feel good to know that there is always a helping hand out for me that I can grab at any time.

What are your plans after graduating from Mayville State?
I plan to return to California and attend the California Highway Patrol Academy where I will enroll into the K9 unit in hopes of becoming an officer.