Ashlee Nelson

Biology Major

Biology is everywhere. Every little thing is tied to the subject. I chose this focus because essentially, the world is your classroom. Education never has to end. MSU's small classes mean you develop a better relationship with your program people. In fact, I know this to be true because I'm a non-traditional student. I ebook_graphic.jpgleft for a short while, and came back almost instantly. I missed it too much! The best part of my education has been the research opportunities, especially within INBRE, part of the Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence. For example, I spent my summer collecting snails from ponds and reserves locally. I then fed the hatchlings to crayfish to see how the presence of cadmium, a chemical element, affects development. The Red River Valley has the highest level of cadmium in the entire world.

Research is where I want to continue my studies and focus, and Mayville has been the best fit for me in that regard. Why should prospective traditional or non-traditional students consider MSU for their undergraduate education? I think it's an obvious choice. Mayville State is where students can build those important relationships with student peers and professors, which ultimately, is the foundation for life. We have shared interests. It doesn't matter where you came from. When you're at Mayville, you belong here.



There's More to Mayville than the Classroom


Dr. Joseph Mehus

Assistant Professor of Biology

INBRE Researcher

Why science? It's always been a natural interest of mine. I'm local to Mayville. Mayville State was a natural path to my education and it instantly felt like home. Science is important to a lot of industries and careers. I have a wide range of students from varying programs - from nursing and medical students, to video_graphic.jpgcoaching and athletic program students. Biology isn't just about outdoor science or dissecting animals, it's about anatomy and physiology courses too. These courses add context to real life situations for students. What's important for my students is the opportunity to advance their careers through research opportunities at MSU, research opportunities they might not get or have access to at other institutions. Students can present their work at local, regional, and international levels. Imagine that scope as they transition from college into their careers. It could be life-changing.