Erin Rector

Elementary Education Major

I chose MSU because of its rich history in education. MSU creates great teachers, plain and simple. I think MSU is unique in that aspect from other colleges. The opportunities I'm given to take part in clubs and organizations also impacts my experience here. My teachers support my dreams, and they can see what goes on in my education and take an active role in my success.



Mayville State: A Teaching College's Evolution



Dr. Andi Dulski-Bucholz

Dean and Chair of the Division of Education

Mayville State is unique because of the relationships faculty members are able to have with students, and the personal service we're able to offer due to class and campus size. We work in tandem, often guiding them toward their careers and helping them achieve related goals. It's that commitment faculty and staff give to our students that makes a difference in the outcome of when students graduate and leave our university for the workforce - both in North Dakota and this overall region.

ebook_graphic.jpgMayville State has been an education leader since 1889, and it's one of North Dakota's original colleges. This institution was developed at the time North Dakota was recognized as a state. Teachers Colleges (then called normal schools) were rapidly growing in popularity, and land grants helped establish the foundtions on which these teachers colleges were built.

One of Mayville State's biggest initiatives over the past century+ has been continuing to advance the programs they offer education students, and how we can meet the ever-evolving workforce needs of this state. One of the ways we've accomplished that is to continue to assess program offerings. In 1925, we were authorized to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in education. By 1948, non-teaching programs were offered, and today, we offer a Master of Arts in Teaching program. This meets the needs of professionals who are interested in entering the teaching profession, but who do not have a teaching degree. These people are content area experts, and Mayville State University is able to grant them the courses and the pedagogy in education to refine their skills, and ground the art and science of teaching into their backgrounds.