Stephany Wold


Student. Athlete. Musician

Early Childhood Education Major

Right from the beginning, MSU puts education majors where we need to be - in the classroom. The fact that this university has an on-campus daycare center gives me additional opportunities for observation and unique classroom experiences. I'm able to interact with kids before they even get to kindergarten, something that not all education majors can experience. As a first-year student, I was writing lesson plans and making an impact with the students and and the teachers with whom I was working.  

On Being a Comet


I love MSU because I can be in everything here. I'm on the volleyball team. I'm in the choir, and I'm in the band. I'm involved with multiple clubs and ebook_graphic.jpgstay busy by choice. All of my affiliations work together to support my involvement - coaches, advisors, and instructors work together to make sure I can handle all of my commitments. The communication at Mayville State makes it easier to be successful.

Spring of my junior year, the Diversity Club hosted a CORE trip (Community, Outreach, Relationships, and Experiences) that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. We headed for Courtland, Va. and stopped along the way to serve families and communities by serving meals at shelters. Being from a small town, Underwood, Minn, I haven't had the opportunity to experience real need or to see it on such a large scale.

When I graduate from MSU, I will feel fulfilled. I've received every experience I've ever needed in college, and I got it here in Mayville.