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You can have a clutch role in jump starting esports at MSU!


Mayville State University is looking to grow an esports club. We are looking for passionate and dedicated students who will help create a community for gamers. Students joining the club will be helping to build and support a new program with the goal of reaching the varsity level within the first two or three years of the club’s creation.

We are looking for students interested in competitive titles of LoL, Valorant, and RL, but we also want to encourage students who enjoy other titles, such as Smash Bros, Mario Kart, survival games, etc., within the club. We want the club to foster and support gamers at the university who are looking for community and who wish to improve their skills, and share favorite/current games.

If you want to be a part of this building opportunity, reach out to Matthew Berglund at

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Opportunities for new and current students who would like to participate and show off their skills!


Students can join the Mayville State Discord to ask more questions about the program. Follow the link to the discord.

For those interested in participating, please make your first message in the discord your preferred title for Varsity Esports.

For additional information about getting involved with esports at Mayville State, contact Matthew Berglund

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