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esportsblue_logo.jpgMayville State University is proud to introduce esports this year. We are looking for individuals passionate about esports to join our varsity squads. We will be starting year one with 3 games: 1 sports title (Rocket League), 1 FPS (either Overwatch or CS:GO), and 1 MOBA (League of Legends). We are still narrowing some of the titles down for the first year, but don’t be discouraged if the game you love to play is not on the agenda for year one. We will be expanding the program as we see student interest grow in this new opportunity at Mayville State University.

More of a casual gamer? Mayville State University is looking to engage students in the competitive scene and in the club setting.

Current and Prospective students looking for more information can contact Matthew Berglund at

Interested in getting your own PC setup with professional assembly? Check out Gravity Gaming by Bytespeed at

There are still opportunities for new and current students who would like to participate and show off their skills!

FullComputer (3).jpgVarsity Esports at Mayville State has plenty of room for players to sign up and participate. We are looking to fill roster slots for Rocket League, Valorant/CS:GO, and League of Legends. League of Legends is the only game that is limited to one team per university, but 10 players may be held on the roster between the main squad and sub roster. Teams will be built around MMR/Rank for each game. To ensure that Mayville State has the best chance of winning with each team entry, the rosters will be re-evaluated before the start of the fall/spring seasons of play for each game. 

ComputerGuts (2).jpgFor Valorant and Rocket League, extra teams will be used to help with practicing and scrims, but all Mayville State teams will be placed in separate brackets in the regular seasons. This means that every team fielded has a chance to be a top contender in their "conference." 

ALL students, on-campus and online, can participate this year because of special rules put forth by the NAC Esports board to help during the pandemic. Any and all online students who wish to participate are allowed to play from their homes, and they can continue to play for the school until they graduate. 

Students can join the Mayville State Discord to ask more questions about the program. Follow the link to the discord.

For those interested in participating, please make your first message in the discord your preferred title for Varsity Esports.

For additional information, contact Matthew Berglund


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