Square ODI Logo.jpgMayville State Statement on Diversity

At Mayville State University, we understand diversity represents all aspects of human difference. These include but are not limited to age, background, citizenship or national origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, language, political views, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic and veteran status.

Mayville State University holds a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive campus community that values, respects and supports diversity in multiple forms. A community of educators seeks to eliminate barriers to the success of all students by establishing strong support systems to educate and guide students from historically excluded groups.

Mayville State University is committed to educating and guiding students, as individuals, so that they may realize their full career potential and enhance their lives. As part of this educating process, MSU promotes cultural awareness by organizing activities and initiatives that enhance cultural awareness for the entire campus, foster education, constructive dialogue, and meaningful reflection on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues for all students, faculty and staff of our campus community.

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