Say what you want. Then make it happen.

Student Senate Logo 2024.pngThe Student Senate is the governing body of the Mayville State University students. Members work together to solve real student issues, both on campus and throughout the state. 

Student Senators are also a part of the North Dakota Student Association (NDSA), which meets once a month at various public educational institutions in North Dakota. Mayville State has had a great attendance record at these meetings and has grown a larger voice state-wide in the last few years.

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Student Senate Constitution

Adopted in 2023. Click here.

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Weekly Meetings

The Mayville State Students Senate meets Wednesday afternoons at 3 p.m. in the conference room located on the upper level of the MSU Campus Center.

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Contact us.

If you have questions about Student Senate or would like to know more, please contact advisors Bob Miess or Corday Goddard, or Student Senate President Grant Kocher.