Third Party

A Third Party is an outside agency/business that submits a contract authorizing MSU to invoice them for all or a portion of account charges.  Examples of a third party are the Military, Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI), Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Vocational Rehabilitation, or private employers.

A Contract is an official agreement from a third party to pay student Account Charges, also called a letter of credit, tuition assistance, authorization, or voucher.

An Account Charge is a MSU expense on the student account, such as: student tuition, course fees, mandatory fees, room, board, books, or equipment.

It is the student responsibility to know what the company covers, as not all companies cover fees even if the student submits the fee.

Guidelines for Submitting a Contract
A contract must be received before the class begins, one for each set of class start and end dates per the student class schedule. Provide contracts each term: Fall, Spring, and Summer.  The following must be listed on the contract:

  • Full Name of student
  • Birthdate of student
  • Costs covered:  specify which class, and which Account Charges as listed above or all costs for the class/term
  • Dollar Amount:  state full cost of specific class, or specific dollar amount with included Account Charges listed
  • Use company letterhead or an official form, signed/approved by the proper official

For the Application Fee to be covered, a contract must be received prior to student payment of the fee.  Previously paid application fees are not refunded upon receipt of a contract, and reimbursement is between the student and third party.

Funds from a 529 college savings plan must be specifically labeled as such when received by Student Finance, or the payment will be a 1098-T eligible source of income.

Provide Contracts by:

Fax:  701-788-4818 -  Attn:  MSU Business Office
Email: - as an attachment
Deliver:  MSU Business Office- Old Main 108
Mail:  MSU Business Office - 330 3rd St NE - Mayville, ND  58257

Student Requirements until Valid Contract Is Received

Students are responsible for any balance due on their student account until the proper paperwork is received in the MSU Student Finance Office.

Students covered by a third party and still receiving bills should check their student account to see if the balance due was charged to a third party after the printing of the bill.  If is still showing a balance, the student is responsible for following up with the MSU Student Finance Office to verify receipt of a valid contract from the third party.