Billing and Payment Information

Check Calendars/Deadlines

Full Calendars for the specified term will provide:
Payment due dates, book charging dates, first day for posting financial aid to the student account, and the start date of disbursing excess financial aid.

Dates and Deadlines Schedule for the specified term will provide:

  • Last Date for 100% Tuition/Refund based on the actual class start and end dates
  • Last Date to Enroll (Add)
  • Last Date to Drop without Transcript Record
  • Last Day to Drop/Withdraw to Zero Credits
  • Faculty Grade Deadlines

What is considered a past due balance?
A Past due balance is any balance that is not paid on or before the due date as stated in Campus Connection under finance within the student center. Balances for tuition and fees are due in full the first day of class all other charges are due at the time the charge is incurred. A service indicator will apply on any balance considered two days past due.

What is a Service Indicator?
SF Service Indicators are applied to student accounts with balances two days past due and/or accounts considered delinquent or written off due to non-payment. SF Service Indicators with a negative impact will prevent the student from registering for future classes, adding classes to a current term, or obtaining transcripts. Students must pay the outstanding balance in full prior to the removal of the Service Indicator.   Service Indicators are removed within 24 business hours after payment has been applied to the student account.

What if my balance is turned over to a Collection Agency?
Students with balances turned over to a Collection Agency will be required to have the account paid in full at the Collection Agency with the Collection Agency submitting full payment to MSU Business Office prior to the removal of any Service Indicator Hold.  Students must take into account that payments from the Collection Agency may not be received at MSU for 30-40 days.  Holds will not be removed prior to receipt of the Collection Agency payment.

What if I do not receive a bill prior to the due date?
It is the student's responsibility to find out what the balance due on their account is and what the due date is for the semester. Students can view their account at any time on the web going to: CampusConnection. Due to FERPA regulations, we are unable to provide account information to parents or spouses without the student filling out the appropriate release form.

Students who are registered for classes at MSU are responsible for the balance due in full on or before the designated due date for the semester (check Dates and Deadlines-Full Calendar). If you add a class after the designated tuition due date, the balance is due at the time you add the class. If you are unable to pay fees by distribution day, please contact the Business Office to discuss a payment plan.

If you registered for classes and have decided NOT to attend any class you are registered for, you must drop the class or Withdraw to Zero Credits on or before the last date to receive 100% refund for the class to obtain any type of refund.  Failure to correctly drop or withdraw may result in you owing a balance for the classes you are enrolled in and/or failed grades.

Prepayment via Campus Connection

Mayville State University offers a pay online feature via Campus Connection where you can both Prepay or pay your current balance due.

This can be accessed through the Student Homepage in Campus Connection:


  1. Log into Campus Connection
  2. Click the Financial Account tile
  3. Select Pay Online Now and click the "Pay Online Now" button to be directed to TouchNet
  4. Select the "Make Payment" tab
  5. Follow payment instructions