Bookstore Charging Against Financial Aid

Your student ID will be required at the MSU Bookstore to charge books.

Complete your Financial Aid

  • Charging is allowed against Pell, SEOG, Perkins, Private Education Loans, Direct Loans, and Parent Plus Loans only if you give MSU authorization to credit financial aid directly to your account and only on days specified by MSU.
  • If you charge books to your financial aid and make changes to your class schedule and your financial aid does not cover the total amounts charged, you will be responsible for any balance due by the designated due date for the semester or at the time of any change.
  • If your financial aid is downward adjusted at any time by the Financial Aid Office, you will be responsible for any book charges previously charged to financial aid.  The student is responsible to know if they are eligible or have accepted their financial aid.
  • As a student, you are responsible for checking your student account, financial aid award, student holds, and knowing the Dates and Deadlines schedules.