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Official Communication

Mayville State University considers the university's e-mail system an official means of communication.

Service Desk Technical Support.

The MSU Service Desk, located in Library B06, provides technical support for computers, computer networking, and interactive video services.

Web Portal

All registered students have access to a web-based portal that organizes network services and provides a single point of access to e-mail, a personal calendar, custom technical support documents, MSU news and information, file storage space, software downloads, and Web-based class information. Students have access to these services any time and anywhere, on any computer with a web browser and network connectivity.

Learning Management System

All MSU classes use a Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance student learning. The LMS includes tools for syllabi, course handouts, announcements, group and private discussions, test administration, Internet links, and delivery of course content. The typical classroom course uses one or more of the tools, while totally online classes use most of the available tools. MSU's current LMS is Moodle.

Campus Connection

Campus Connection is a North Dakota University System administrative computing service that provides all students with Internet access to class registration, class schedules, grades, fee statements, and financial aid award statements.

Interactive Video Network

Some classes use Internet-based, two-way interactive video to provide real-time collaboration with other students and professionals at multiple locations. The North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN) is a high-quality system used primarily for the delivery of courses.

Read&Write GOLD

MSU students, faculty and staff have free access to Read&Write, an award-winning literacy software tool that can help students improve reading, writing, research and study skills.  RW also has a variety of tools built in to benefit English Language Learner users who may struggle with reading fluency, comprehension, writing, studying and research.  RWG is a learning aid for bringing comprehensive literacy support through a unique set of features for the user.  The software is designed to help individuals of all ages, abilities and learning styles with tools including:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Phonetic spell checker
  • Concept mapper
  • Fact finder
  • Word prediction
  • Voice note
  • Vocabulary list builder

More information about the software is available on the RWG website.

The customizable, easy-to-use toolbar seamlessly integrates with common applications including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Reader, and Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Instructions for downloading Read&Write Gold