The Office of Extended Learning assists on campus and distance/online students with distance learning and online courses and programs. They also work with dual credit students (early entry students), collaborative students, non-degree seeking students, graduate students, and continuing education students. Visit MSU Online for more information.

Wuori Misti 07-2020.jpg

Misti Wuori
Director of Extended Learning
Office Location:  Old Main 104A
Phone: 701-788-4631

Kaldor Connie 07-2020.jpg

Connie Kaldor
Online Academic Advisor & Recruiter
Office Location: Old Main 104
Phone: 701-788-4721

Erickstad Jade 07-2020.jpg

Jade Erickstad
Distance Education Program Coordinator
LRSC site
Phone: 701-662-1587

St Germaine Julie 07-2020.jpg

Julie St. Germaine
Distance Education Program Coordinator
WSC site
Phone: 701-774-6234