Computer and Technology FAQs and Tips

MSU Online Technology Requirements

Where do I pick up my tablet PC for the semester?

The MSU Help Desk issues tablet PCs to all full-time MSU students. You must bring your ID card or have proof of registration for classes at MSU via Connect ND.

What if I have problems or questions about the tablet PC?

The Help Desk is located on the first floor of Old Main in room 105 and will provide assistance with repairs and service. If a major repair is needed, you will be provided a tablet PC to use until the repairs are completed, allowing you to continue with your academic coursework.

Do I have to fill out a contract in order to get a tablet PC?

All students must fill out a contract in order to receive a tablet PC for the semester.

What is on the tablet PC contract (Student Computing Resources Agreement Form)?

The contract states that you are responsible for any damage to the tablet PC. You are responsible for any lost items including the pen, backpack, Ethernet cable and power cord. If you fail to return the tablet PC by the agreement end date, you will be charged a $100 late fee. The form also offers insurance for the tablet PC that will cover half of the cost of any damage to the computer.

Will the tablet PC be insured for accidental damage or loss?

It is the student's responsibility to insure their tablet PC against damage or loss. Students have an opportunity to purchase tablet PC damage & loss protection from MSU, which reduces the financial risk to students if their tablet PC is damaged, lost or stolen. The tablet PC damage & loss agreement is optional for MSU Students. The cost is $30.00 per year (non-refundable) and is billed to the student through the university business office. If a student has chosen to participate in the damage & lost agreement for $30/semester and his or her  tablet PC has been damaged, he will be responsible for 50% of the repair or replacement cost with a minimum deductible of $50.00 and a maximum deductible of $400.00 per incident. If the tablet PC is lost or stolen, the student will be responsible for the replacement cost or a maximum of $1,000.00. Students also have the option of purchasing computer coverage as a rider on a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Do I have to pay the technology fee?

All students enrolled at MSU must pay the technology fee. The vice president for academic affairs must approve any technology fee waivers, which are very uncommon.

Will financial aid be available to help pay the student technology fee?

Since there is a computer requirement for all students attending MSU, the technology fee is included as part of the financial aid package.

How will the tablet PC benefit me while at MSU?

Students have access to the campus network, library resources and worldwide resources via the Internet. The computer may be used for course work and communicating with faculty and other students. Students have 24/7 access to their tablet PC for developing class presentations, generating spreadsheets and databases and discipline-specific applications. Continuous access to a tablet PC and the integration of technology in the classroom will better prepare students for their careers upon graduation.

What advantages does a tablet PC have over a computer lab?

Students have 24/7 access to libraries and databases and can communicate with faculty and other students. MSU replaces all tablet PCs every two years and maintains campus-wide software agreements, so students are using the latest in computer hardware and software. Since all students are issued tablet PCs, they are not restricted by the hours or availability of a computer lab.

Do freshmen have to go through tablet PC training before they can receive their computers?

All freshmen are required to go through the tablet PC training. The training is part of the freshman orientation, which is scheduled before classes start each semester.

Can I download pirated music and other illegal materials from the Internet with my MSU computer?

Students are liable for any illegal activities on their computers. Pirated and other copyrighted items cannot be downloaded  from the Internet. All students are required to follow North Dakota State Board of Higher Education Policy 1901.2.

What if I am a part-time student and would like to have a tablet PC issued to me for the entire semester?

Part-time students pay a prorated technology fee on a per credit basis and may check out a tablet PC from the Help Desk as needed. Part-time students may choose to pay an optional fee and be issued a tablet PC for the semester.

Where can I print using my tablet PC?

The Mayville State campus has networked printers for student use strategically located throughout campus. The MSU-issued tablet PC has print drivers loaded for all student accessible printers. They must only select the correct printer based on campus location. All students are issued a 300-sheet printing  allocation per semester for black and white printing, and may increase or renew the allocation in increments of 100 sheets for $5.00. The MSU Help Desk can assist if needed.

What do I do if my tablet PC is stolen?

Report a lost or stolen computer to the the Help Desk immediately. The student will be required to fill out a Stolen Property Report with the Mayville Police Department.

Can the Help Desk help me reset my Moodle password assist with Moodle problems?

MSU has a Moodle headquarters in Classroom Building 108. That office can be reached by phone at 701-788-4645. The staff can assist between 8 a.m. & 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

The NDUS Help Desk is also available to assist students 24/7. Through this service, students are able to call, email or chat with online help representatives to solve the issue at hand. Visit the website for chat and email options  simply call 1-866-457-6387.

How do I reset my password for ConnectND/Campus Connection?

The MSU Help Desk would be happy to help reset passwords for students. Passwords may also be reset by contacting the Connect ND Help Desk at (866-457-6387).

How do I reset my web access email password or MSU account password for logging on to any computer on campus?

This password can be reset by  clicking here, or the MSU Help Desk can reset an email password. Contact the MSU Help Desk at 701-788-4739.

Do I get to keep my computer after I leave Mayville State?

The tablet PCs are the property of Mayville State University and students must turn them in upon completion of their time at MSU. There is a $100 late fee if tablet PCs are not turned in at the end of the semester or upon graduation or withdrawal from the university. Graduating seniors have the opportunity to purchase their tablet PC for a nominal fee prior to graduation.

Can I purchase my tablet PC?

Graduating seniors have the opportunity to purchase their tablet PC for a nominal fee prior to graduation. The graduates who purchase their tablet PCs will also receive a full licensed copy of the current Microsoft Office Pro Suite.