Growing up, Taylor Shamp dreamed of playing college basketball, but she never knew if it would be possible. She visited many colleges and sent many unanswered e-mails to coaches, just asking for a chance. She graduated from a small high school with very limited resources, so opportunities were not plentiful. All she wanted was to be a part of a team where she would be pushed every day and guaranteed to grow as a player. After visiting Mayville State University, not once, but twice, she knew she was being given not only the chance to play the game she loves, but she was also signing up to be pushed as a player and as a person every single day.

Taylor is a center on the Comets women’s basketball team.

“This program has taught me that working hard will give you just as many opportunities as skill will,” said Shamp. “I have learned that your effort and your attitude are two things you always have complete control over. This program has also taught me the power of teamwork and that there is no one greater than the group.”

For these things, Shamp is very grateful because she knows these lessons will stay with her off the court and outside of Mayville State University.

A junior from Bertha, Minn., Taylor is pursuing a major in fitness and wellness and taking the exercise science route. Her minors are coaching and biology. After graduating from Mayville State, she plans to continue her education and earn a doctorate in physical therapy.

“The physical therapy program is competitive and will require everything I have,” she said, “but because of my experiences as a Comet, I believe that I will be successful. Mayville State University, Coach Hutter, and the team have given me the best opportunities possible. These experiences will help me to be successful in my future, and for that I will be forever grateful.”