MSU President's Newspaper Column

October 1, 2022 

So many reasons to be Comet Proud

The Mayville State Alumni Association has been working diligently on plans and preparations for Homecoming 2022. Homecoming is one of my favorite annual events because it gives us an opportunity to pause and honor some of our outstanding Mayville State University alumni and friends while we celebrate the tie that binds us … Mayville State University. Please plan to join us at Mayville State for all the festivities planned for Oct. 7 and 8.

A number of alumni will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame and Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame at a dinner program planned for Friday evening, Oct. 7. This year’s Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are the 1989-90 men’s basketball team, Kelly Christianson, Gerry Falk, and Jim Lewis. These Mayville State alumni have represented Mayville State well, not only locally, but also on the national and international levels. It will be wonderful to hear more from them about their experiences as members of Mayville State athletic teams.

This year’s Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame inductees will also be honored at the Oct. 7 dinner. They are Hank Biesiot, Mark Carter, Rick Christianson, Jim Dew, Tim Kolsrud, and Randy Vigen. I could not be prouder of these coaches who have made the personal service they experienced at Mayville State a way of life and expanded the reach of that goodness through their work as coaches of young people. There is no question that these individuals have had a positive impact in our world.

Speaking of making a positive impact, how about that 1961 Mayville State graduate Grady Rostberg? The high school football field at Hutchinson, Minn. was named “Rostberg Field” for father and son coaching duo Grady and Andy Rostberg Friday, Sept. 23. Grady was a standout football, basketball, and baseball player at Mayville State. He was inducted into the Mayville State Athletic Hall of Fame in 1987 and the Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame in 2011. The powerhouse football program at Hutchinson has been on top for decades, thanks to the head coaching legacy started with Grady in 1970 and continued by Andy starting in 1999. Andy played quarterback for his dad in the early 80s, and now his 83-year-old dad is his assistant coach. Their combined records notch 457 game wins, including six state championships. Congratulations, Grady and Andy!

A highlight of Homecoming 2022 activities on Saturday, Oct. 8 will be the All-Alumni Homecoming Brunch, which will include recognition of this year’s Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Service Award recipients. Dr. Joe Eisenmann, Dr. Ron Reilkoff, and Jim Richardson will each receive the Distinguished Alumni Award. Pam Soholt and Cleone Whelan will be honored with the Distinguished Service Award.

As is the case with the Athletic and Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame inductees, our Distinguished Alumni Award recipients are individuals who are making a difference nationally and internationally. I stand in awe of our graduates who are so very accomplished and who have a profound impact in the lives of others.

I equally admire the 2022 Distinguished Service Award recipients Pam Soholt and Cleone Whelan. They are unbelievably generous with their time and talents when it comes to being ambassadors for Mayville State University. As long-time members of the Alumni Association board, they have been responsible for helping to roll out the red carpet and providing the best of hospitality for thousands of Mayville State alumni and friends. I could not be more grateful for them and for all of the members of the Alumni Association board who are extremely devoted to serving their alma mater and its alumni and friends.

Please join me in recognizing this special group of board members: Cindy Petersen, Doug Anderson, Pam Soholt, Dean Krogstad, Lucia Jacobson, Cleone Whelan, Ann Willeson, Teresa Agnes, Kelli Odden, Wayne Nelson, Lori Nelson, Don Cavalier, Mary Cavalier, and Herb Thomson. From caring for and making the Mayville State Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center a wonderful home for all alumni, to planning and carrying out activities like homecoming, the traditional graduation brunch, and other social events, these people who have earned our utmost respect and gratitude. If you have the opportunity, please be sure to let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

One of my greatest blessings as president of Mayville State University is the opportunity to see the members of the Mayville State family excel and serve others. I am Comet Proud to the nth degree over and over again as I see the ripple effect that happens when our graduates go into the world and make a positive difference in their careers and communities, and I look forward to celebrating this during the Homecoming 2022 festivities. I hope you will join in the celebration. See all the Homecoming 2022 details at