MSU President's column for Traill County Tribune

May 31, 2014

Reunion scheduled for June 21 will provide another opportunity to celebrate Mayville State

The 125th anniversary Alumni Days planned for June 20 and 21 will provide many opportunities for not only Mayville State alumni, but friends and community members to come together to celebrate the wonderful gift of Mayville State University in our community and in our individual lives.

One of the highlights of the weekend will be the all-class reunion, which is planned for Saturday, June 21, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. We’re calling it an “all-class” reunion, but we should probably have called it a “family” reunion. We cordially invite all members of Mayville State University “family” to join in the fun.

So, who are the members of this special “family?” The obvious comes to mind - our alumni, those who have attended or graduated from our beloved Mayville State. Then there are our many friends and supporters who live in the Mayville-Portland community and beyond. We can’t forget our faculty and staff, current students, and the parents of our current and former students. We consider all of these folks to be members of the Mayville State University “family.”

We often hear from alumni who are appreciative of all that the Mayville-Portland community meant to them while they were enrolled at Mayville State. As members of the community, you’ve provided church homes, home-cooked meals, homes away from home, encouragement, employment opportunities, and friendly faces who welcomed students with open arms. These are the attributes that make our community special. This doesn’t happen just anywhere, and we at the university are grateful for all of the wonderful things you do for our students.

If you’re connected in any way to Mayville State, we truly hope you will join us for the reunion on Saturday, June 21. At Mayville State, it’s all about the people, and this gathering is meant to provide an opportunity for all who have a love for Mayville State to come together and celebrate. Let’s take this time to acknowledge all of the special people who we’ve had the opportunity to get to know through our association with Mayville State.

Mayville State alumnus Ken Towers’ catering company, A-1 Cowboy Catering, will be providing what we know will be a delicious meal that will be anchored by pulled pork sandwiches and include all the fixin’s for a great picnic meal. Paid reservations are required, and the reservation deadline is Monday, June 9. You may purchase tickets at, or if you prefer, you may contact the MSU Foundation at 701-788-4687 or

There is much to celebrate at Mayville State University! Enrollment has been at all-time record highs for the past four years. Our serious deferred building maintenance has been reduced by over 65%. We have built a new facility to house the Division of Education and Psychology and renovated the science and library buildings. Our largest dormitory has been totally renovated. A new energy plant has reduced our heating bill by more than $500,000 per year. Our $1 million deficit has been eliminated, and we now enjoy excess cash reserves of more than $1.75 million. Virtually every building on campus has had some significant improvement. Our positive employee rating was the lowest in the North Dakota University System five years ago. Today, it is the highest at 87%. Our student satisfaction rating is over 90%. Renovation of the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation facility is underway. A campus-wide drainage project that will solve historic water problems and improve our streets and parking areas is also in process. In all, $29 million of campus improvements are now completed or underway, and to top it off, our MSU Foundation endowment has grown from less than $2 million to $5 million just the past four years. All of this progress has been a great team effort, and we extend our most sincere “thank you” to all who have been a part of the team.

Please do plan to join us for the reunion on Saturday evening, June 21, and all of the festivities planned for Alumni Days 2014. You can see all the details at We look forward to celebrating with you!