MSU President's Newspaper Column

April 9, 2022

Important employment searches moving forward

The search to fill our Vice President for Academic Affairs position on a permanent basis is underway. The position has most recently been filled on an interim basis, first by Dr. Tami Such, and currently by Heather Hoyt. The search to fill the Vice President for Business Affairs position on a permanent basis is right behind. We were very fortunate that Steve Bensen, who had retired from the position a few years ago, agreed to come back and fill those big shoes again. We are equally as fortunate that Dr. Such and Ms. Hoyt were able and willing to step up to the challenge. They have all done outstanding work and I commend them for not only their skills and abilities, but their willingness to take on the extra load.

We are partnering with AGB Search to help us make these vice president hires. AGB Search’s role is not to select the university’s next Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Business Affairs, but rather, the firm will help to ensure that the search and selection processes are managed effectively, that there is a diverse and rich pool of applicants, and that the goal of securing the best possible Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Business Affairs is achieved.

Faculty members, staff, students, and community members were invited to participate in listening sessions regarding the Vice President for Academic Affairs position with AGB Search consultants Dr. James McCormick and Janice Fitzgerald on March 28 and 29. Through the sessions, the AGB Search team was able to hear participants’ thoughts as to what Mayville State’s strengths and challenges are and to learn their views about the kind of leader­ship the university should be seeking in a Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The comments of various university constituents are important, indeed critical, to the preparation required for the search. The insights will be very helpful as the consultants, working together with the local search committee, seek the best possible fit in a Vice President for Academic Affairs for Mayville State University, and as the consultants describe Mayville State to the many potential applicants they will contact.  

A similar process will be used in conducting the search for a Vice President for Business Affairs. It is our goal to have both of the vice president positions filled as soon as possible. We are also hopeful that there would be time for each of the new hires to work together with those serving in the interim so there can be some sharing of knowledge specific to the positions.

AGB Search is focused exclusively on higher education. The firm conducts searches for college and university presidents, chancellors, system heads, CEOs of coordinating boards and institutionally related foundations, provosts, vice presidents, and deans. Founded by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, they now have assisted with more than 700 full-time executive and interim searches at 325 institutions. Clientele includes public and independent universities of all sizes, community colleges, state university systems, foundations, and higher education support organizations.

Another significant search, that for an athletic director, is also underway. Our interim athletic director Robert Corn is heading up a search committee. We are grateful to him for leading this important endeavor and for the exceptional work he has done for Mayville State University on an interim basis.

The search committee met this week and has reviewed the pool of applications and narrowed the pool to include those with whom they will conduct Zoom interviews. The next step in the process is to determine those who the committee would like to bring to town for on-campus interviews.

Workforce challenges are all-too common across the area, the region, and the country, and Mayville State is not immune. This situation has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, but we are putting forth our best efforts to get the best possible candidates for each of our open positions. Filling these leadership positions with highly qualified individuals is extremely important and we look forward to having a full team of professionals leading the way on a permanent basis.