Skean_-_Stenehjem-web.jpgCommencement 2016 will mark the end of a 25-year career at Mayville State for Dr. Mark Skean. Skean came to Mayville State as a faculty member in the Division of Business and CIS. He is currently a professor of business and CIS and also holds the title of Director of Academic Assessment.

Mark says a highlight of his career has been the opportunity to participate in many grant activities focused on improvement in student learning. Skean and several of his colleagues have presented their findings in this area both domestically and abroad.

Skean was named Mayville State’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2006. He has served as Mayville State’s representative to the North Dakota General Education Council, and also served as president of North Dakota Teachers of Accounting.

Most of the changes Mark has experienced during his career deal with technologies. He says, “Many uses of technology are really creative slants on traditional educational frameworks. ‘Learning agility’ is the characteristic new college graduates need to possess most. Yes, that has always been the primary contribution of young professionals to existing or startup organizations. Competence with the ‘3Rs,” along with a comfort level in creative experimentation with technologies, is the basis from which learning ability is developed.”

Reflecting on his time at Mayville State, Dr. Skean says, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people in different discipline areas. That is something that happens organically only at small schools, or to put it in another way, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people, who outnumber the soreheads about 20:1.”

Dr. Skean has been granted the title Professor Emeritus of Business and CIS. This was announced during an all-campus celebration for retirees held May 5. In addition, division chair Gene Levitt presented Skean with an MVP ribbon and said, “You have become the guru of academics and assessment. You are a star, a ‘Big Man On Campus,’ and in terms you may understand, a ‘Most Valuable Player.’”

Photo caption: Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Keith Stenehjem (right) presented Dr. Mark Skean (left) a certificate signifying his new status as Emeritus Professor Emeritus of Business. Dr. Carol Enger, another retiring MSU faculty member received the distinction of Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Education.