MSU President's Newspaper Column

June 3, 2023 

Dedication of volunteers, employees, and so many others is exceptional

Mayville State University is special in so many ways, but the one that comes across loud and clear over and over again is the fact that alumni, friends, and employees are over-the-top passionate and dedicated to “The School of Personal Service.” I am in awe of the enormous amount of support that comes in all forms and sizes.

One example of this comes from the Comet Athletic Club (CAC) board. Members of this board work extremely hard on behalf of Mayville State’s student athletes and the university. For example, they host bingo every Thursday evening at the Top Hat in Mayville. This means three or four of the members have to make the commitment to be present on each of those nights. That’s a big deal!

Coming up on June 17, the CAC Mayville State Golf Classic Scramble will be held at Forest Hills Golf Resort near Detroit Lakes, Minn. The tournament is organized and run by the CAC board and proceeds will support Mayville State’s student athletes. For more information and to register, go to

A golf tournament held annually in the Detroit Lakes area is a long-time tradition for Mayville State alumni. It began more than 40 years ago with a medal play tournament. Later a golf scramble was added to make it a two-day event. A few years ago, the medal play tournament was discontinued as scramble tournaments have become the choice of most golfers. Over the years, these tournament weekends have become like family reunions for Mayville State alumni. People put the date on their calendars each year and look forward to renewing friendships and catching up with their Mayville State family.

The Harvey McMullen Memorial Golf Tournament is also an annual fundraiser led by the CAC board. It will be held Friday, July 14 at the Mayville Golf Course. Find out more at

The CAC will host their annual Sportsmen’s Raffle event this fall (date yet to be determined). The format will be a bit different this year as the raffle drawing will be part of a social event planned at the Top Hat in Mayville. Tickets for the gun raffle will be available soon. Only 500 tickets are sold, so there is a one-in-ten chance of winning for those who purchase a ticket. The Sportsmen’s Raffle has been highly successful over the years and has brought thousands of dollars in support for Mayville State student athletes.

The commitment and dedication of the CAC board members is second to none. We are so very fortunate to have these volunteers on our team. They are Mike Car, president; Brian Halvorson, vice president; Steve Bensen, treasurer; Rhonda Nelson, secretary; Ross Johnson; Tami Parker; Brian Aune; Miranda Petersen; and Dan Jorgensen.

On June 3, we celebrated Mayville State’s longtime head baseball coach on the occasion of his retirement. A day-long celebration was attended by lots of alumni and friends who came to wish Scott well in his retirement, congratulate him on a stellar career, and thank him for his dedication to Mayville State University. His impact on Mayville State is legendary, and we are grateful to him for all he has done.

People - alumni, friends, and employees - and the exceptional work they do truly are the heart and soul of Mayville State University. We are blessed.