gun_drawing-web.jpgThe tenth annual Mayville State University Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle event held Saturday evening, August 27 at the Mayville Armory, generated lots of excitement and anticipation, with the ultimate goal of financial support for Comet Athletics. Proceeds will be used to support scholarships for Mayville State University student athletes. This support is key in attracting student athletes to play on Mayville State teams.

The highlight of the evening was the drawing for 60 guns that were given away to individuals who had purchased raffle tickets for a chance to win. The event was attended by about 225 people who enjoyed dinner and had an opportunity to participate in a variety of other raffles with the chance of winning some terrific prizes.

Emcees, including Rick Flacksbarth, Mike Moore, Tom Moe, Mike Bakken, John Klocke, and Doug Petersen, emceed the program and kept the crowd in suspense while entertaining them throughout the evening. Sound, lighting, and audio-visual effects provided by HB Sound & Light of Grand Forks, N.D. enhanced the coaches-web.jpgevening’s activities. A cash bar was provided by Mayville Golf Club. Bryan Karolus and his staff with Mayville State Dining Services cooked and served the meal.

“We at Mayville State extend our since thanks to all who played a part in the success of the tenth annual Sportsmen’s Raffle,” said Mayville State University President Gary Hagen. “This activity is extremely important to Mayville State, and specifically Mayville State Athletics.”

“Thank you to Harlan Johnson, Mayville, who was the master mind behind the establishment of a Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle ten years ago,” said Comet Athletic Club board president Mark Kloster of Mayville. “We appreciate Harlan’s enthusiasm for the event and his willingness to step up during this 10-year-anniversary to help us make the fund-raiser extra-special.”

Winners of side raffle packages include Rick Harpestad, Mayville; Doug Strand, Mayville; Jason Bring, Galesburg, N.D.; Doug Petersen, Mayville; Nathan Strong, Portland, N.D.; Shari Nitzkorski, West Fargo, N.D.; and Marlin Ingebretson, Mayville. Board raffle winners were Leroy Nelson, Hillsboro, N.D.; Tami Parker, Mayville; Gary Boeddeker, Hillsboro, N.D.; Devin Johnson, Hillsboro; Darren Levitt, Galesburg; and Jeni Peterson, Mayville.

Moe_Bakken-web.jpgFinley Motorsports of Finley, N.D. sponsored the raffle of a 2016 Polaris Ranger 570 all-terrain vehicle. Mike Holmstrom, Battle Lake, Minn., was the winner of the ATV. Cash consolation prizes were won by Dennis Lund, Sharon, N.D.; Shirley Holman, Clifford, N.D.; Elroy Lindaas, Mayville; Ryan Kloster, Sharon; Scott Sayer, Finley, N.D.; Ross and Allison Johnson, Mayville; Christopher Grandalen, Fargo, N.D.; and Staci Malikowski, Perham, Minn.

The Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle is held each year to raise funds for scholarships for Mayville State’s student-athletes. Tickets for the gun raffle are sold for $100 each. A limited number of tickets is sold each year, allowing for a one-in-10 chance to win a gun.

“We are grateful to the many people who purchased raffle tickets and participated in the raffle event activities on August 27,” said Mark Kloster. “We also express our sincere thanks to our emcees for the evening; to Finley Motorsports, Valley Plains Equipment, Thrivent Financial, Sue Strand and Jeremy Strand, Miller’s Fresh Foods, Scheel’s, Riddle’s Jewelry, Lone Tree Shooting Supply, and the Mayville Golf Club for their support; and to the Comet Athletic Club board members who worked hard to make it happen. A special ‘thanks’ goes out to Chad Hanson of Chad’s Excavating for being our overall event sponsor. Because of this support, we’ll be able to have an even great impact with student scholarships raised through our event.”

The list of winners in the 60-gun giveaway follows: 


  1. Kimber 84L Select Grade - Timothy Amble, Fargo, N.D.
  2. Franchi Affinity Syn 12 - Virgil Serr, Sharon, N.D.
  3. Winchester SXP Wood - Kevin Kyllo, Blanchard, N.D.
  4. Ruger Single Six 22LR - Shawn Knudson, Clifford, N.D.
  5. Ruger MKIII Target - Michael Jordan, Portland, N.D.
  6. Mossberg Patriot Wood - Justin Mahler, Fargo, N.D.
  7. Howa 1500 Gamekind Pkg Syn 7 - Devin Johnson, Hillsboro, N.D.
  8. Benelli Super Nova Camo 12 - Bruce Tofteland, Fargo, N.D.
  9. Smith and Wesson Shield - Jerrod Serr, Sharon, N.D.
  10. Springfield XDS Bitone 45 ACP - Dan Stenvold, Park River, N.D.
  11. Ruger American Predator - Gary Olson, Hillsboro, N.D.
  12. Beretta A300 Wood 12 - Jason H. Hanson, West Fargo, N.D.
  13. Walther PPS 9mm - Jadene Higdem, Portland, N.D.
  14. Ruger SR 9mm SS - Brody Gjellstad, Stanley, N.D.
  15. Henry Golden Boy 17HMR - Michael Connor, Land O Lakes, Fla.
  16. CZ 455 22LR - Tiffany Moen, Mayville, N.D.
  17.  Ruger M77 Gunsite Scout - Gordy Nelson, Mayville, N.D.
  18. Remington 870 12ga - Larry Marchart, Grand Forks, N.D.
  19. Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme 12 - Allissa Bratager, Galesburg, N.D.
  20. Smith and Wesson M&P - Shari Viken, Hunter, N.D.
  21. Browning BPS 12 - Preston Kath, Wahpeton, N.D.
  22. Stoeger M3500 Syn 12 - Timothy Benjamin Strickler, Moorhead, Minn.
  23. Ruger SP101 357 - Harlan Hanson, Mayville, N.D.
  24. Savage 10 FCP 308 - Duane Serr, Sharon, N.D.
  25. Remington 700 SPS SS - Kayla Smith, Hatton, N.D.
  26. Ruger American Rimfire Wood 22LR - Ben Iverson, Portland, N.D.
  27. Kimber Micro Two Tone 380 - Jerry Foss, Finley, N.D.
  28. Glock 43 - Duane Bennet, Fargo, N.D.
  29. Mossberg Silver Reserve II 12 - Jerry Nelson, Hillsboro, N.D.
  30. Savage BSEV 17HMR - Justin Mahler, Fargo, N.D.
  31. Kimber Solo 9mm - Broc Lietz, Casselton, N.D.
  32. Franchi Affinity Wood 12 - Lars Eriksson, Clifford, N.D.
  33. Remington ADL Syn PKG - Dave Popiela, Mayville, N.D.
  34. Tikka T3 Forest - Brian Aune, Mayville, N.D.
  35. Sig Sauer 320 Carry FDE - Troy Shultz, Walker, Minn.
  36. Springfield XD Mod 2 9mm - Chris Reinhart, Hatton, N.D.
  37. Tikka T3 Lite Syn - Harold Olstad, Maple Grove, Minn.
  38. Uberit Silverboy 22LR - Ron Rude, Hillsboro, N.D.
  39. CZ 712 Auto 12 - Tracy Kotrba, Petersburg, N.D.
  40. Winchester SX3 Syn 12 - Tyler Gjellstad, Stanley, N.D.
  41. Browning X-bolt Hunter - Gerald Swift, Mayville, N.D.
  42. Glock 42 G4 - Mike Bakken, Mayville, N.D.
  43. H&K 9mm - Myron “Sully” Kloster, Sharon, N.D.
  44. Remington 870 12ga - Rick Johnson, Northwood, N.D.
  45. Stoeger Condor 12 - Richard Fugleberg, Portland, N.D.
  46. Browning Xbolt Maple - Roger Petersen, Moorhead, Minn.
  47. Henry Silver Eagle 22LR - Bruce Hanson, Mayville, N.D.
  48. Ruger GP100 357 SS – Bob Larimore, Larimore, N.D.
  49. Smith and Weson Shield/Laser - Chad A Nelson, Portland, N.D.
  50. Howa 1500 Kryptek Pkg - Mike Nelson, Mayville, N.D.
  51. Sig Sauer P238 Scorpion - Chuck Gulsvig, Moorhead, Minn.
  52. Ruger M77 Predator - Doug Nygard, Mayville, N.D.
  53. Benelli Vinci Wood Tech 12 - Jake Lauritsen, West Fargo, N.D.
  54. Ruger GP 100 357 Match Champion - Jim Johnson, Park River, N.D.
  55. Legacy Pointer - Brett Edgerton, Sioux Falls, S.D.
  56. Remington 700 BDL - Doug Petersen, Mayville, N.D.
  57. Smith and Wesson 686 357 SS - Joel Heitkamp, Hankinson, N.D.
  58. Browning A5 Hunter 12 - Joe Delvo, Fargo, N.D.
  59. Kimber Custom II Two Tone 45 - Troy Larson, Mayville, N.D.
  60. Browning BLR White Lightning - Spencer Endrud, Buxton, N.D. 

Photo captions: 

Top: Comet Athletic Club board president Mark Kloster (left) hands the winning ticket stub of a gun winner to emcee Tom Moe (right). Sixty guns were given away in the annual raffle event.

Middle: Mayville State coaches assisted in the raffle drawing where a Polaris ATV was the grand prize. Pictured from left to right are Mark Kloster, head football coach John Haines, head softball coach Ashley VandeVeen, and head baseball coach Scott Berry..

Bottom: In their comedic rendition of Carnac the Magnificent, reminiscent of Johnny Carson days, Mike Bakken (right, aka Carnac) answers the unseen questions, while Tom Moe (left, aka Ed McMahon) quiets the crowd.