April 26, 2022

The Mayville State University Comet Athletic Club 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament was held Sat, March 26, 2022, at the Lewy Lee Fieldhouse, on the campus of Mayville State University. Fifty-three teams of girls and boys participated. The results are as follows:

Boys 3rd grade

  • MPCG Pirates (Mayville)
  • Jags White (Arthur, N.D.)
  • Tornados (Cavalier, N.D.)
  • Other teams Jags Black (Arthur), Cavalier (Cavalier), Nelson County Chargers (Dahlen, N.D.), and Perham Buzz (Perham, Minn.)

Boys 4th grade

  • Thompson (Thompson/Grand Forks)
  • Jaguars (Arthur)
  • Baller Bros (Mayville)
  • Other teams Casselton Wolves (Casselton, N.D.), Warbirds (Lidgerwood, N.D.)

This bracket had 2 2-way ties and coin flips ended up determining winners.

Boys 5th grade

  • Jammers I (Jamestown, N.D.)
  • Wolverines (Mayville)
  • Triple Threat (Dilworth, Minn.)

Boys 6th grade

  • MPCG Warriors (Mayville)
  • DGF Rebels (Glyndon, Minn.)
  • Rolla Bulldogs (Perth, N.D.)
  • Other team HCV Podunks (Hillsboro, N.D.)

Girls 3rd grade

  • Devils Lake Firebirds (Devils Lake, N.D.)
  • Casselton Lightning (Casselton)
  • West Fargo Ice (Fargo/ West Fargo, N.D.)
  • Other teams Comets (Mayville), HN Sparks (Northwood, N.D.), Predators (Thompson), Wolves (Portland, N.D.)

Girls 4th grade

  • Triple Threat (Grafton, N.D.)
  • Rockets (New Rockford, N.D.)
  • Sparks (Petersburg, N.D.)
  • Other team Polar Bears (Larimore, N.D.)

Girls 5th grade

  • Midway Basket Hounds (Inkster, N.D.)
  • Roseau (Roseau, Minn.)
  • WF Wildcats (West Fargo)
  • Other team Rolla Bulldogs (Rolla, N.D.)

Boys 7th grade

  • Titans (Sabin, Minn.)
  • Bring Back Short Shorts (Finley, N.D.)
  • Knights (Climax, Minnn.)
  • Other teams CBE Bruins (Fargo), Kindred Vikings (Kindred, N.D.)

Girls 6th grade

  • Perham Unity (Perham)
  • NC Chargers (Grand Forks, N.D.)
  • Wild West (Reynolds, N.D.)

Boys JV

  • Titans (Hannaford, N.D.)
  • Knights (Climax, Minn.)
  • Moonshots (Moorhead, Minn.)
  • Other team The Goon Squad (Michigan, N.D.)

Boys 8th grade

  • No Name (Leonard & Grafton, N.D.)
  • The Swarm (Grand Forks)
  • Vikings (Kindred)
  • Other teams Average Joes (Mayville), DGF Rebels (Glyndon), EGFYBA (East Grand Forks, Minn.), Raiders (Oriska, N.D.)