MSU Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefit Program at MSU

Summary of Benefits for Regular Mayville State Staff Employees

The employee benefit program at Mayville State University is designed to offer you the best protection possible for a loss of income from illness, disability, retirement or death. Additional benefits such as vacation time, paid holidays, access to cultural and athletic events, tuition waivers and technology provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

BenefitWho PaysWhen You Become EligibleWhat You Receive
Annual Leave University Upon employment Year 1-3: 1 day/month
Year 4-7: 1 ¼ days/month
Year 8-12: 1 ½ days/month
Year 13-18: 1 ¾ days/month
Over 18 years: 2 days/month
Sick Leave University Upon employment Accrues at the rate of one day per of employment; unlimited accumulation
Holidays University Upon employment 10 paid holidays per year: New Year's, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Funeral Leave University Upon employment In case of death in immediate family of employee or spouse; Up to 3 days paid time off to arrange and attend funeral.
Health Insurance University Starts first day of month after employment date Enroll within 30 days of employment date to receive waiver for existing medical condition. Includes single or family hospital, surgical, and medical group coverage.
Life Insurance University Starts first day of month after employment date University provides $3,500 term insurance. You may purchase up to $200,000 additional in increments of $5,000; Spouse and dependent coverage also available when supplemental insurance is purchased.
Long Term Disability University Starts first day of month after employment Provides income to employees unable to perform job duties because of long term illness or accident occurring after date of employment. May be subject to 6-month waiting period.
Cancer and Intensive Care Payroll deduction Upon employment Optional coverage for cancer or ICU treatment
Long Term Care Insurance Payroll deduction Upon employment Optional coverage for long-term home health care, nursing home, or other facility.
FlexComp University pays costs of administration Upon employment Optional plan allowing employee to pay medical and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.
Social Security You and the University Upon employment Retirement benefits at age 65. May take reduced benefits at age 62. Life income for total permanent disability. Lump sum payment on death. Monthly income for qualified survivors. Medical benefits for those 65 or over.
Workers Compensation University Upon employment Compensation for job-related injury or death. Covers medical expenses for job-related injury or illness.
Jury Duty University Upon employment Full compensation during jury service.
Military Duty University Upon employment Full compensation during first 20 days of annual military duty.
Athletic and Cultural Events University Upon employment Season tickets to home athletic events and a wide variety of cultural events.
Educational Opportunities University Upon employment Based on approval of Department head, the opportunity to take three courses per calendar year with tuition waived.
Technology University Upon employment A Microsoft Outlook account with Internet access or laptop or desktop computer for all faculty and staff.
Retirement Plan University contributes 12.26% of your salary to the Public Employees Retirement (PERS) plan and the employee contributes 3%. TIAA-eligible staff contribute at 3.5%, 4.5%, or 5%, depending on years employed, matched by the University at 7.5%, 12.5%, or 13% Upon employment PERS Plan - Annual retirement benefits based on pay and years of service. Normal retirement benefit at age 65. Death benefit for beneficiary.
TIAA - Retirement benefits based on contributions and age at retirement.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) University Upon employment Free, confidential professional help for personal problems; Coverage includes all household members.
Group Vision Payroll deduction Upon employment Optional vision care plan allows employee to purchase frame and lens at a discount from selected vendors. Family coverage.


Mayville State University provides these benefits in compliance with Federal and State regulations and in the interest of creating a working environment which complements the mission of the university: to educate and guide students, as individuals, so that they may realize their full career potential and enhance their lives. We do this in an environment that reflects our tradition of personal service, commitment to innovative technology-enriched education, and dynamic learning relationships with community, employers and society. We want no less for our employees.