Meal Plans

MSU Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans for the 2018-2019 school year.  One of the biggest changes in the last year has been the addition of breakfast in the snack bar.  There will be a preset menu for each day of the week, and you will be able to use your board plan for this meal.  You may also order off the menu, but this is not covered by a meal plan.  Snack bar items other than the breakfast special can be paid by cash/debit card, Comet Cash, or flex dollars.  Meal plans options and prices are as follows:

 5 meal per week





 10 meals per week





115 meals block plan





225 meals block plan





 (block plan: use none to three meal "punches" per day, 115 or 225 meals total meals for the semester)

Freshmen in Residence Halls must purchase one of the indicated plans. Sophomores/Transfer students excluding Dual Credit may have a lower meal-count plan. 

All plans include $200/semester flex dollars for use in the Comet Landing Snack Bar or to purchase additional meals in the Dining Room. 

Meal Plans can be added at any time or can be changed until the first Friday of classes (08-24-2018 at 3:30 pm), through the Housing-Dining Self-Service Portal.

If you have any questions please contact Bryan at Dining Services.

Bryan Karolus
Dining Services Director