Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

All costs are subject to change. Mayville State's academic year consists of two semesters.

Annual Tuition and Fees 2013-2014
  North Dakota Minnesota Contiguous States / Provinces (SD, MT, SK, MB) MHEC States (KS, MI, MO, NE, WI, IN, IL) All other States & Canadian Provinces Other International Students
Tuition $4,644 $5,201 $5,805 $5,805 $6,966 $12,400
Notebook Computer / Student Fees $1,709 $1,709 $1,709 $1,709 $1,709 $1,709
Room and Board $5,048 / $6,022* $5,048 / $6,022* $5,048 / $6,022* $5,048 / $6,022* $5,048 / $6,022* $5,048 / $6,022*
Total fixed cost per academic year $11,401 / $12,375* $11,958 / $12,932* $12,562 / $13,536* $12,562 / $13,536* $13,723 / $14,697* $19,157 / $20,131*

*Depending on residence hall selection

Extended and Online Learning Tuition and Fees: $275 per semester hour regardless of state or country of residency

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Notes: These costs are based on current tuition and room/board rates. All costs are subject to change. Mayville State's academic year consists of two semesters.

Notebook Computer Fees: Every Mayville State student is issued their own notebook computer as part of their student fees paid to MSU. The tablet PC  is used by the student the entire academic year. It is used daily in classes and the student has 24/7 Internet access on campus.

Financial Aid Budget: All students need to anticipate additional personal expenses related to college attendance. These additional expenses include books and supplies for classes and miscellaneous items such as transportation, weekend meals, entertainment, clothing, etc. An estimated total of $4,070 is budgeted for these expenses, $1,000 of which is for books and supplies. Personal expenses will vary for each student. Financial aid may be used to cover personal expenses, books and supplies. The projected financial aid budget (including money for miscellaneous expenses, books, supplies and a higher priced suite room rate) for the 2013-14 academic year is $16,445 for North Dakota residents, $17,002 for Minnesota residents, $17,606 for residents of contiguous and MHEC states, $18,767 for residents of all other states and provinces and $24,201 for other international students.

Room and Board: The room and board costs for a double room may vary from $1,948 in a traditional residence hall to $2,922 for modern suites. Board plans vary from a 14-meal plan at cost of $3,100 with $50 in flex dollars to use at the MSU snack bar, or a 10-meal/7-day with $50.00 flex plan at a cost of $2,912 per year. A Residence Hall Association fee of $5 per semester is charged to students living in the residence halls.

Application Fee: First-year students are assessed a one-time $35 fee for applying to MSU.

Student Fees: The state-mandated technology and ConnectND fee and MSU's student activity fee are included.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Please contact the Enrollment Services office to discuss scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Residents of North Dakota and Minnesota are eligible for Honor and Leadership Scholarships. Residents of other states and provinces may qualify for Non-resident Merit Scholarships. All scholarships for new students are based on past academic performance and potential. In addition, the MSU Foundation provides financial support through scholarships that are awarded based on specific criteria. Interested students should complete the scholarship application form available online by clicking here.