Employers benefit from hiring students with excellent training in their major, in addition to the latest technological skills.

Nationally, over 80,000 employers, public and private, hire interns to take advantage of the following benefits that internships offer:

· Well-prepared, short-term employees that can reduce your workload
· Flexibility with human resources assignments ... our interns can work with your organization's cyclical workforce needs
· Cost-effective long-term recruitment - early access to qualified talent
· Access to candidates with sought-after skills and background
· Increased staff diversity
· Partnership with campuses, providing you with employer input on quality and relevance of curriculum
· Cost-effective productivity and a 'fresh perspective' that can lead to innovation

Qualified students are available in all Mayville State University academic areas and majors.

Full-time, part-time, alternating, parallel, one-term, and summer-only intern schedules are available.

How Employers Begin Participating

· Provide our office with a position description, including minimum skills and requirements, salary range and the length of the work period(s).  Simply post the positions online (www.mayvillestate.edu/careers).

· Include application deadlines and procedures

When You Hire a Student, Our On-the-Job Requirements are MINIMAL!

· Complete a one-page Internship Work Agreement, which provides details of the position (duties, supervisor, wages)

· Assign a qualified supervisor

· Complete a one-page Internship Evaluation form near the end of the Internship

To get started, call or e-mail us: 701-788-4899    Jay.Henrickson@mayvillestate.edu