Searching for an internship needs to be much more than simply googling 'internship'!  Many companies and organizations offer "opportunities" (jobs), but have never considered offering an internship.  Your strategy should be: find an organization that is offering an opportunity, and then ask if they would consider an internship in that area.  Within the sites below, you will find many opportunities … it’s up to you (working with your Career Services office) to see if the opportunity can become an internship!

Mayville State Jobs Network

The FIRST place you should look for an internship!

American Camp Association

Jobs at summer camps may qualify as an internship. ACA certifies summer camps, and is a great resource for summer camp jobs!


Short-term job adventures (summer, etc.) that could qualify as internships


Find and apply to summer camp jobs.


Internships, part-time jobs and entry-level jobs.


Seasonal jobs (parks, camps, etc.)

Get That Gig

Extraordinary careers, internships and part-time jobs.


Searches thousands of employer websites.

Intern Abroad

Find Internship opportunities abroad.


All about internships.

Search for Internships


More Internship opportunities abroad.

Job Service ND

See Job Seekers section to Search for Internships.  Also set up the "virtual recruiter" here to run daily or weekly queries that match the job or internship criteria you seek.


Search for jobs at summer camps

Pathways to Federal Internship and Careers

Federal Internships for Students plus Career Opportunities 

Student Conservation Association

Internships that have a positive impact on conservation and the environment

Summer Jobs

Summer job opportunities for students and temporary workers.