Verification is the process a school follows to confirm that the data reported by a student on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is accurate. The federal government requires colleges and universities to verify or confirm the data reported by you and/or your parents on the FAFSA. This process consists of Mayville State University collecting documents used to complete the FAFSA and comparing them with the information you provided on the FAFSA. If you are selected for verification by the Department of Education or Mayville State University, you must complete the verification process if you are interested in receiving federal, state and some types of institutional financial aid.

If you are selected for verification, Mayville State University will send you a request for required documents by mail or to your Mayville State University email account. The list of required documents is also available on your To-Do list in Campus Connection. The required Verification Forms can be accessed here. If you would like to view Mayville State University Verification Policy please click here.

Please click on the SECURE FILEDROP button to send verification documents to the Mayville State University Financial Aid Office.

***The Mayville State University Financial Aid Office encourages you to email or call us at 701-788-4778 and make use of our Secure Filedrop option to provide requested documents to our office.

Electronic Delivery

In an effort to protect your sensitive data, please DO NOT submit W2's or tax forms to our general email, unless using an encrypted email with password. All verification documents and forms can be safely submitted electronically using the secure document upload. 

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