Mayville State University or the Department of Education may request that you verify some of the information you provided on your FAFSA. This process is called verification. 

Don't worry. Being chosen for verification is pretty common — and doesn't necessarily mean you've done anything wrong. 

It just means you've been selected at random to verify information such as income, federal income tax paid, household size, status as a dependent or independent student, citizenship or something else. 

What to Do If Selected 

If you've been chosen for verification, be sure to submit the information requested as quickly as possible. Without it, you will not be eligible to receive federal, state and some types of institutional financial aid. 

If you amended your tax return, were a victim of IRS identity theft, or have been granted a tax filing extension, contact the Financial Aid Office to find out which forms you need to submit. 

Verification Forms 

The communication you received informing you that you have been selected for verification indicates which forms are required.  Please use the tabs below to find the correct forms for the year in which you've been selected. 

Submitting Documents 

Please make sure your student ID number is included on all documents.  This will help ensure timely routing and processing of your verification documents. 

In Person 

You can submit all verification documents and forms in person to the Financial Aid Office (OM106).   

Electronic Delivery 

In an effort to protect your sensitive data, please DO NOT submit W2's or tax forms to our general email. All verification documents and forms can be safely submitted electronically using our Verification Document Upload Form 

You may also fax documents to Financial Aid: 701.788.4613.

By Mail 

Mayville State University
Financial Aid Office
330 Third Street NE
Mayville, ND 58257