Financial aid is disbursed during tuition and fee payment which typically occurs approximately two to three weeks after each semester begins. Financial aid disbursement is based on the student’s enrollment status as of 2 days after the last day to add/drop a regular course each semester. Students must be registered in all classes, in all sessions and terms for the semester before that date so financial aid eligibility can be accurately calculated. Credits dropped after financial aid has been disbursed but before the class begins may result in a recalculation in financial aid. The student may owe money back to the financial aid programs.

Financial aid is disbursed in two installments; half for fall semester and half for spring semester, unless otherwise noted in your financial aid offer notice.  Summer semester funds are disbursed in one installment.

Approximately two to three weeks after each semester begins, your financial aid funds will be applied toward your institutional charges (including tuition, fees, books and room and board).

  • If you owe more than you are receiving in financial aid, you will be responsible to pay the balance due by the fee payment deadline. Contact the Mayville State Business Office at 701-788-4757 to make payment arrangements.
  • If your financial aid total is greater than the balance you owe Mayville State, the excess aid will be issued to you in a check or you can enroll in direct deposit. Students are highly encouraged to enroll in direct deposit to avoid delays in receiving refunds.


For a complete schedule of dates and deadlines refer to the Mayville State calendar.